Saturday, September 20, 2008

184: Fornicate part 2

Today it's time for the fornication mix part 2.
Some of it is cheesy, some funky, some well,
I guess it's not sexy to give it all away right away :-)
Let's be funny & fornicate, for all men & women,
gay or straight!
1. Brute - Good Morning Mr. Hard On (3:31)
2. Crown Heights Affair - Sex Trip (3:07)
3. Dave Pike Set - Professor Porno's Romance (3:47)
4. Isaac Hayes - Moonlight Lovin' (Menage A Trois) (10:01)
5. Jimmy McGriff - It Feels So Nice (Do It Again) (7:09)
6. John Kasandra - Ain't No Sin To Have Some Fun (4:02)
7. Marcia Hines - I Need It Just As Bad As You (3:08)
8. Quiet Village - Pillow Talk (5:07)
9. Sidney Joe Qualls - I Enjoy Loving You (6:12)
10. Super Erotico - Erotic Rhythm Macumba (3:04)


Jur said...

HI E-mile,

Leuke mix, met grappige nummers ("Erotic Rhythm Macumba") en geweldige nummers ("Sex Trip" en "It Feels So Nice (Do It Again) ").

Veel dank.

PS Als ik een nummmertje had mogen toevoegen: "Doin it all night long" van Cloud One.

hookfinger said...

Hey!! I was wondering when Vol 2 would roll around! LOL
Thanks for all the great stuff!!

FASTMAN said...

Thank You so much.....

I'm lookin for the next Wah Wah

Thank You...Greetz from Switzerland

ish said...

Yay Fornication!!

Your compilations always make me smile, E-mile. thanks a lot!