Sunday, September 7, 2008

180: Wah Wah 18 -> jazzy?

Today a (very special) selection of them wah-wah songs...
I choose from the more jazzy spectrum out there,
but NOT to worry, most of it is still F.U.N.K.Y. as hell!
Some real favs de moi here, very psychedelic, spacedout tunes,
combined with a bit more down-to eart feel,
some even a bit "smooth" as you will, it's all here...
Once again I have to pay my respect for and sincere love to
all the wonderful psychoanalists out there,
who make my level of mental well-being as high as possible!
You know who you are...
Dig in & enjoy:
1. Al Foster - Double Stuff (7:53)
2. Blue Mitchell - Last Tango In Paris (2:46)
3. Charlie Rouse - In A Funky Way (4:52)
4. Eddie Harris - Ryin' Ain't Dyin (7:24)
5. Freddie Hubbard - Midnight At The Oasis (5:26)
6. Hampton Hawes - Don't Pass Me By (6:58)
7. John Klemmer - Wizards Revenge (7:56)
8. Johnny Harris - Stepping Stones (5:23)
9. Larry Young - Alive (1:50)
10. Leroy Vinnegar - Kaftan (7:36)
11. Michal Urbaniak Group - Groovy Desert (4:52)
12. Natural Essence - Variation On Last Night (5:27)
13. Oliver Nelson - Dumpy Mama (4:43)
14. Opossum - The Sun And Moon Have Come Together (11:14)
15. San Francisco Express - Getting To The Moon (5:40)


FASTMAN said...

Wowwwwwwwww.........You Are My God.

Thank You Very Much

E-mile said...

hi fastman, I presume you mean by God: Generally Overrated Dude ?
glad you like 'em!
Peace, E-mile :-)

Jur said...

He e-mile,

Erg interessante mix. Ik had je site al eerder bezocht en stond altijd perplex van je thematisch compilaties. Ik was er alleen nooit aan toegekomen om er 1 te dwonloaden.

Dit is mijn eerste mix die ik van je beluister en zeker niet mijn laatste! Hier zaten een paar superstrakke nummers bij die voor mij volledig nieuw waren, zoals "Dumpy Mama".

Dank, groeten en de mazzel,

E-mile said...

he Jur,
voor de verandering eens een NLs commentaar :-)
dank voor je interesse en ik denk dat er wel meer tussen zit wat je zal bevallen, happy browsing!
beste, E-mile

cheeba said...

You were NOT kidding when you said easy on the wahwah, e-mile. You've got mindbending stuff on these! Beautiful!

Heard a lot of Klemmer but never Wizard's Revenge. Nice one! Big thanks for this series!