Thursday, April 3, 2008

97: totally wah wah part 11

As promised,
back with a big fat 10 songs that DO the matter...
a superfunky, way out wah'd, 34 minutes selection of sheer
Groovy, funkafied wah-goodies all around.
(from this guy I had a some help & inspiration,
please VISIT there for some more of your regular aural satisfaction,
it's mostly served up hot & spicey)
for now & here,
let the eleventh
once more do their wahxstatic & damaging worx!
just Listen... Dig in... & Comment sometimes...
-yeah, I know ( I do!) all those 3 things-
1. Artie White - Gimme Some Of Yours (3:07)
2. Bobby Williams - Make Yourself Funky (2:32)
3. Dickie Goodman - Friends (3:24)
4. Fun Company - Zambezi Pts 1&2 (4:10)
5. Funk Inc - Dirty red (6:09)
6. Jr. & His Soulettes - 2009 Cherry Soul Sound (3:02)
7. Little Jr Jesse & His Teardrop - Funky Stuff (2:35)
8. Tony Lawrence - Harlem Cultural Festival (3:19)
9. Vern Blair Debate - Super Funk (3:15)
10. Willy Willey - Push And Shove (2:36)


flatsoul said...

Hi there!I am trying to create a search engine which is searching within soul/funk/jazz related blogs,blogs which offer album downloads,like yours and mine(

I am asking for your contribution to this effort ,by adding some blogs you know that offer album downloads for review ,so that the index of this search engine will expand.Thank you a lot

The search engines url is

E-mile said...

Hi Flatsoul,
in regard to your request: you can check my "GREAT BLOGS" links, and contact them if they're interested.
My blog offers (almost) NO album downloads, I put lotsa time, heart and ears into my compilations. I paid the flatsoulspreading spot a visit, maybe my browser is slow, but the pages didn't load "easily"...
To me it's like this: you collect every effort (by others) on the blo-o-spere that are soul funk jazz related, and then you collect those in your search engine, is that about right? Or do you post stuff you (bought) yourself too?
Don't get me wrong, every spot on the web concerned with attention to GREAT music if fine by me :-)
Good luck with your spot,
peace, E-mile

flatsoul said...

I collect music links from other blogs ,just to keep the links alive and at the same time i upload albums not found on the net.My effort is concentrated on gathering all the possible links for each artist and in case an album is missing ,i upload it.
The search engines purpose is exactly the one you understood ,and i hope it's gonna be a great tool for funk/soul/jazz listeners...

Keep on!

E-mile said...

OK, I think I understand some of your inspirations & aspirations, I just Dl-ed some of the things you put together on yer spot that I "missed"...Being a newbe in Blogland myself, I noticed however a "time-line" in the posts you presented :-) In other words, albums I remember I picked up 'round the time I was exploring the www and the blogs...I think it's OK you're trying to keep the RS links alive, but maybe you can give (whenever it's possible)the original guy (or doll) who put it up there it's credits? I noticed you do it sometimes, maybe you can mention it more often? (if possible). Let me give you an example: I DL-ed a RS link of an album by Gary Bartz 1973, listened to it a few days later, and was so overwhelmed by the music I just HAD to thank the guy that brought it to me...spent a lotta time figuring out where the heck I picked it up, but I thanked the guy, common courtesy, I guess...
Please keep visiting once in a while and keep the funkafied fuel burning!
peace, E-mile

flatsoul said...

Hi again!As i have said,in case i don't find a dl link for an album (after some googling etc),i just upload it from my personal collection. So if no credits are found, the uploaded file is uploaded by me. My philosophy is not over stuffing the net with the same data,and that's why i use others links.