Tuesday, April 29, 2008

108: Cat!

Finally, the new cat in our house, was willingly
to pose for a little snapshot!
She's very cautious,
she's been living in the wild her whole (young) life.
But she's adapting well and has good manners.
Nice to see she sometimes "duplicates" some
things of the "master-of-the-house"
our other, 18 year old cat :-)
So, this post is a bit for Piwi (and Pinch ofcourse)
1. Andre Williams - Sweet Little Pussycat (2:09)
2. Calvin Owens - The Cat (2:20)
3. Gong - Cat In Clark's Shoes (7:43)
4. Jimmy Smith - Cat In A Tree (5:23)
5. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity - Black Cat (3:22)
6. King Crimson - Cat Food (2:44)
7. Muddy Waters - Tom Cat (3:37)
8. Nostalgia 77 Octet - The Cat (12:24)
9. Psapp - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat (3:45)
10. Tomo Fujita & The Blue Funk - Cat Walk (1:06)


thebeathunters said...

thanks for the shout-outs
grrrr, she's a black beauty!
we welcomed enid,a young stray cat (at around 6 months) a few years ago. still had an old beautiful grey male then, marsou and they got along so well together until he passed away.
as enid was a real hunter-compared to the male who was raised indoors-she always brought back live mice that marsou jumped on ruthlessly.


thing is, as she wasn't used to be held in the arms as a baby or play as kite do, she always remained a little wild and hate balls, for example.

more cat pictures will be welcomed

E-mile said...

ey BeatHunter,
nice cats, marsou (sorry for your loss) & enid!
Piwi, (the young black female) is very playfull (pingpongballs, nuts, rope, the dog's tail...) as the other (Pinch, old, but used to be very wild) is kinda remembering how it was, playing and goofing around :-) Maybe one day Piwi will allow to be lifted, get her nails clipped or just lie in yer lap?!
I'll send you some other pics, promise.

Ángel Ángel said...

E-mile, link is dead, please re-up.

E-mile said...



or try


amnesia said...

Looking forward to this. Keith Tippett plays piano on Cat Food and has worked, although not here, with Nostalgia 88. Great to get a chance to hear them.
Good pussy!

Ángel Ángel said...

estaba el señor don gato
sentadito en su tejado
sentadito en su tejado

(first verse of a traditional spanish song for children...)

thank you for re-upload.