Wednesday, April 9, 2008

100 ...........

Hi & Hallelujah indeed!
It's post nr. 100, a somewhat special occasion for me :-)
So no particular theme, just 10 great songs,
some well known, others a little less perhaps.
Benjamin Herman is the leader of the famous(?)
Dutch band the New Cool Collective,
and he has made a few very nice albums of his own as well.
I've seen the NCC live and they bring some tight ass music on stage!
The Free Form Funky Freqs is a new 2008 project
with Jamaladeen Tacuma, Vernon Reid & Calvin Weston,
it's a totally crazed out freaky (hence the name!) frenzy!
The second Raconteurs album has a few amazingly good songs on it,
I'll bring you the closing song of the album, a crazy story!
Hope you like this 100th celebration as much as I did,
for now, enjoy & till the next time!
1. Andre Williams - Hallelujah (4:30)
2. Benjamin Herman - Skunkaholic (4:34)
3. Calexico - Crystal Frontier (4:16)
4. Free Form Funky Freqs - Don Cheadle (5:27)
5. Nublues - Sugar+Spice! (3:39)
6. Raconteurs - Carolina Drama (5:55)
7. Ruby Andrews - You Ole Boo Boo You (2:53)
8. Sixteen Horsepower - Black Soul Choir (7:09)
9. Speech - Ask Somebody Who Ain't (3:06)
10. Vera Hamilton - But I Ain't No More (G.S.T.S.K (2:23)


flatsoul said...

Hi there! I have added you on my links..Great blog of yours too! Could you please add me too?
Thanks a lot!

cafe said...

Hi Emil, congrats!
I enjoy your blog and do the occasional download.
Hope you'll stay this inspired.

E-mile said...

Henk, thanx and may the musical force be & stay with us :-)