Friday, April 18, 2008

105: Wah-Wah Chronicles, part 13

Today it's part 13 (aargh, the LUCKY number!)
of those well known wah'd out chronicles...
People seem to be enjoying this series very much,
and yes,
ofcourse I do too!
(what's a world without wah?)
So, in the spirit of Wah (thy kingdome come) enjoy
these 10 very funky groovers from tha vaults...
1. Buddy Miles - 69 Freedom Special (4:40)
2. Fifth Revelation - Make Up Your Mind (5:41)
3. Galactic - Tighten Your Wig (3:13)
4. Haggis Horns - Enter The Haggis (4:28)
5. James Taylor Quartet - Big Foot (3:43)
6. Manuel B Halcolm - Kick Out In (2:44)
7. S.O.U.L. - Tell It Like It Is (4:18)
8. Soft Touch - Plenty Action (2:47)
9. Sonny Charles - It's Alright In The City (2:47)
10. The Majestic Kind - Can You Find Me Love (2:25)


Willard said...

Hi E-Mile,
Thanks for the kind words. By all means on the link and good luck with the new blog.

Helmut said...

great collection!

Kevin said...


This sounds like a fantastic compilation. I dig wah-wah and funk, so I can't wait to bless my ears with your mix.

I recently posted an eclectic mix called Whirling Dervish Cocktail. It runs the gamut from turkish funk rock to avant garde; from free jazz to moroccan trance. Stop by and give me a shout.

Peace, Kevin

Anonymous said...

Sorry, link is dead. Could you reupload please ? Thank you !

E-mile said...

peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

I thank you very much for the re-upload. You've done it so quickly ! I have to thank you for your amazing site too. The idea for one subject (like the great Wah Wah's)is what i was waiting for. I know the great job it is to do so, and for that i must send you the biggest thank you possible ! A

E-mile said...

A: thank you & you're welcome.
and may the force of wah be with you at all times :-)