Tuesday, January 28, 2014

413: Feeling Good!


Welcome to a wonderful one hour feeling good version fiesta!
If this mix doesn't lift your spirits for 2014,
I don't know what will.....
Some really standout versions here today,
makes me wonder if the Miss Simone version
is the "first", or just just the one most familiar?
Does any of you know who recorded the "original"?
I don't & I don't want to loose time over it,
googling my ass of; I got better things to do,
like keeping up with my new year's resolution and
figure out what post is next on E-mile Says [:-)
Use the search function for all the previous
versions of this tune posted here in the past.


1-Dee Alexander - Feeling Good (8:41)
2-Elizabeth Shepherd - Feeling Good (5:28)
3-Freddie McCoy - Feeling Good (2:55)
4-Gerry Mulligan - Feeling Good (3:32)
5-Gregory Porter - Feeling Good (3:01)
6-Halie Loren - Feeling Good (4:10)
7-Horiso - Feeling Good (3:48)
8-Jacqui Naylor - Feelin' Good (3:42)
9-Janiva Magness - Feelin' Good (3:08)
10-Kellylee Evans - Feeling Good (4:25)
11-Lynn Marino - Feelin' Good (2:19)
12-Me'shell Ndegéocello - Feelin' Good (4:12)
13-Mercedes Nicole - Feeling Good (5:08)
14-Michael Falkenstein - Feeling Good (3:38)
15-Turley Richards - Feeling Good (3:28)

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