Wednesday, January 8, 2014

411: my new year's resolution

First of all,
I want to wish you all the very, very best possible
for the new year.
I myself took it upon me to post here more (often)
in smaller doses, and cut the crap, 
just plain more frequently!

To start this off, I choose carefully an 1 hour mix
of tunes that have no bounding theme whatsover,
something you JUST might (not) expect from me?

Well, it's all done in that well-mannered taste you
dear readers & listeners grew accumstomized to,
so, before I post a new one, I'd say:
enjoy this theme-less bunch of early celebrations,
and I'll be back to my usual thematical terrorized 
terror soon. Promised. . . . 

meanwhile, enjoy this one hour mix
I hope it fills your fix!

Let´s set sail for 2014, a year that is gonna  scratch the 7 years´s 
existance of this little blog in a good way!

1-Carol Woods - Bigger Than I (2:11)
2-Don Cavalli - You And My Zundapp (2:25)
3-Gypsy - Is That News (3:17)
4-Hammer - Pains And Tears (3:22)
5-Judy Mowatt - Down In The Valley (3:15)
6-Madeline Bell - Blues (2:55)
7-Marlena Shaw - Easy Evil (3:37)
8-Mary Lou Williams & Group Ft. Leon Thomas - You Know Baby (2:52)
9-Médico Doktor Vibes - Diska Limba Man (5:11)
10-Ray Torske - 666 (3:06)
11-Rita Coolidge - Mud Island (4:29)
12-Spencer Mac - Ka-Ka Kabya Mow-Mow (Sing A Little Love Song) (2:49)
13-Terry & The Chain Reaction - Keep Your Cool (2:37)
14-Timewrap - We Gonna Rule The World (10:46)
15-War - War Is Coming! (7:05)

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