Wednesday, January 22, 2014

412: Covers gone crazy again...


Today indeed these covers are going crazy again...
Hope you folks enjoy this 1 hour 35 minute mix,
and be sure I'll be back with something new
sometime soon.
If anyone wants an old E-mile Says theme revived, 
(money, hammond, wah-wah, cats, flute etc etc)
don't be shy to ask for it!

1- Amanda Palmer - Perfect Day (4:23)
2- Andre Jaume Joe Mc Phee Raymond Boni - The Dock Of The Bay (7:11)
3- Ben Sidran - You Gotta Serve Somebody (4:47)
4- Bill Moss & The Celestials - You've Got To Serve Somebody (5:00)
5- Billy Valentine & the Forest Rangers - The Dock of the Bay (3:21)
6- Boogaloo Joe Jones - The Beat Goes On (3:29)
7- Debby Boone - These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (3:24)
8- Deirdre Wilson Tabac - The Dock Of The Bay (2:51)
9- Firewater - The Beat Goes On (4:01)
10- Hoodoo Loungers - I Put A Spell On You (5:08)
11- Kellylee Evans - Lose Yourself (5:42)
12- Larry Davids - Guns of Brixton (2:59)
13- MikkiM ft. Zareb - Guns Of Kingston (6:02)
14- Omaha Diner - Lose Yourself (4:13)
15- Otros Aires - Perfect Day (3:16)
16- Rupa & the April Fishes - Guns Of Brixton (3:15)
17- S-Tone Inc - I Put A Spell On You (4:07)
18- Sam Paglia - The Beat Goes On (4:16)
19- Scott Matthew - To Love Somebody (3:42)
20- Shirley Caesar - You Gotta Serve Somebody (5:54)
21- Soulful Orchestra - I Put A Spell On You (2:49)
22- The WEB - To Love Somebody (3:29)
23- Tubby Hayes Orchestra - These Boots Are Made For Walking (2:28)


E-mile said...

Anonymous said...

My friend, you ROCK my world! I'm Covers Crazy and this is more manna from Heaven. All my best - Kid Covers

jazzlover said...

Hi E-mile,
It's been long time, hasn't it?
Been hectic lately, fathers things basically and new teaching job has taken me away for awhile.
But i'm still here, in blogosphere.
Anyway, I haven't wasted my time completly as I was compiling my pieces and now I am ready to launch a new blog with my compilations.
Will give you a shout about it.

Looking forward to hearing to this one.
Happy New Year!

E-mile said...

hi JL! good to hear you're still around [:-) best to you and all you do, hope the new job goes well.
Curious about your new spot, I'll await your call
peace, E-mile

Phil said...

Hi E-mile,
just discovering your blog, very interesting stuffs in there, thanks for sharing!