Sunday, October 25, 2009

270: Another Ian Siegal Special Plug


Saturday October 31, Ian Siegal is playing in a bar nearby.
Ofcourse we bought tickets and are going to see him (again!)
It's gonna be the 4th or the 5th time I'm gonna see him live,
and guess what???
Really looking forward to that [:-)
He plays, well, let's call it blues, or better booze-blues,
cause he isn't particular sober -at all- and the show isincredible.
He has a voice that might make Don Van Vliet
(yeah, Captain Beefheart)
and Howling Wolf blink their eyes...

He also plays a mean guitar and is generally
a great performer on stage.
His stories about women, booze and other "bad" habits
are straight to the point and full of humour.

Did I mention he has some tight-ass band?


Well, he has!


For today's post I grabbed the man's CD's
(pointless to say I've bought them all)
and choose a dozen songs we (me & the wife) like so much...
(I posted some of his songs before, will not do those again)
Before he began with his own band, Ian Siegal
did lead vocals in the Lee Sankey Group,
I will include some of those too.
Before y'all go have a listen be sure to visit his spot on the web
and/or even better,
PLEASE go see him live, because that experience is so much
BETTER -in a way- than what you get from the albums.
Also heavily recommended is his Live At North Sea Jazz Festival 2005 DVD.
1. Ian Siegal - Busted (5:15)
2. Ian Siegal - Curses (6:30)
3. Ian Siegal - Early Grace (6:44)
4. Ian Siegal - Horse Dream (Western) (2:12)
5. Ian Siegal - Monday Saw (5:09)
6. Ian Siegal - Scarecrow (5:24)
7. Ian Siegal - She Makes Me Hairy (2:03)
8. Ian Siegal - This Heart (4:06)
9. Ian Siegal - Work (7:15)
10. Lee Sankey Group - He Doesn't Live Like The Other (7:54)
11. Lee Sankey Group - Sometimes (12:06)
12. Lee Sankey Group - Tell Me There's A Sun (6:45)
visit his myspace


Wim said...

he Emile,

kzie je @ Razzoo

grtz. Wim

Henk said...

I'll be there and bring the book.

E-mile said...

Wim, eindelijk weer 's een keertje!
Henk, looking forward to it!

E-mile said...

re re-upped:

or here:

amnesia said...

It's all over now!
Got them all, look forward to more!

Ingeborg said...