Tuesday, October 13, 2009

267: twice as nice...again!

Welcome to another little twice-as-nice version fiesta!
13 songs done twice, and 1 ofcourse thrice...
Some crazy stuff here, I can promise you that.
For example one of my heroes, (mr. Ribot, that is) going reallllly
out there over this well-known Doors song, for starters...
Also some old acquaintances get a fresh (?) work out,
like the eternal People Make The World Go Round.
(check this old GUEST POST for refreshing your memory [:-)
Also - or finally?- some new Iko Iko here,
some Neil Young, Donovan and the immortal Bill Withers-tune.
(again - I must thank all the
original bloggers, without whom this constantly
cosy, coincidental corny cover-continuum
couldn't continue co-exist)
I'd say, folks ENJOY and be safe out there!
1. Aaron Neville - Respect Yourself (ft. Mavis Staples) (4:06)
2. Alexander Zonjic - People Make The World Go Round (4:29)
3. Belle Stars - Iko Iko (2:51)
4. Beverly Johnson - These Boots Were Made for Walking (4:22)
5. Blue Mitchell, Roy Haynes, Charles Kynard & Charles Williams -
Respect Yourself (3:00)
6. Carol Duboc - Use Me (3:20)
7. Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Inner City Blues (4:21)
8. DJ Disse - Break On Through (6:17)
9. Don Randi - Mellow Yellow (2:54)
10. Dr. Lonnie Smith - People Make The World Go Round (10:42)
11. Harvey Averne Dozen - The Beat Goes On (3:04)
12. Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing (8:55)
13. Ida Sand - Use Me (3:16)
14. Jess Roden - Can't Get Next To You (7:03)
15. Joe Scott - Born To Be Wild (2:52)
16. Jojo Effect - The Beat Goes On (5:15)
17. Larry Coryell - Inner City Blues (3:31)
18. Lynne Arriale Trio - Iko Iko (8:09)
19. Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - Break On Through (3:44)
20. Marvin & Jay Dusty Smith - Sexual Healing (7:31)
21. McPhee - Southern Man (5:53)
22. Merry Clayton - Southern Man (3:18)
23. Mongo Santamaria - I Can't Get Next To You (2:46)
24. Mrs. Elva Miller - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (2:29)
25. Noël Akchoté - Inner City Blues (6:40)
26. Pesky Gee - Born To Be Wild (4:21)
27. Stan Butcher, His Birds And Brass - Mellow Yellow (2:49)
BTW, 1 boot was only meant for running...
I don't blame you for clicking
at all


E-mile said...

same old me says:

Jason Kadlec said...

Hey - hope you don't mind the off topic comment - this is Jason, I work with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Since you mentioned them in your track list there, I thought you'd want to know that they've got a free download of their classic: "My Feet Can't Fail Me Now" posted up on their site: http://www.dirtydozenbrass.com.

I hope you'll grab a copy for yourself and If your readers are fans of the Dozen, you can also take that free download widget and post it up on your blog and invite your readers to check it out right here on your site. Just click on the word Share right below the Free Download button.

Anonymous said...

thank you from greece