Saturday, October 17, 2009

268: Drugs, vol.8

Another work-out on drug related stuff...
Special treat here is a lovely cover from Paul McCartney!
I included lotsa fuzzed-out sounds and for contrast
a hypnotizing, spiralling jazzy journey...(track 15!)
Hope you all do well,
(with or without "it")
be safe & be good,
and be sure to enjoy your weekend!
1. Allen Ginsberg - Dope Fiend Blues (3:14)
2. Bentzon Brotherhood - Smokes (6:27)
3. Bo Diddley - Bad Trip (5:53)
4. Clark Hutchinson - Free To Be Stoned (7:37)
5. Flashy Python - Let Us Hallucinate Together (3:23)
6. Greenfinger - Dr. Bong (5:00)
7. Guillaume De Chassy & Daniel Yvinec - Junk (3:14)
8. Helmut Zacharias - Naturally Stoned (2:31)
9. Human Instinct - Stoned Guitar (6:46)
10. Jeff Cooper & The Stoned Wings - The Acid Test (2:50)
11. Mighty Kong - Hard Drugs (Are Bad For You) (2:57)
12. Mitchell Froom - Dopamine (3:03)
13. Mr. Electric Triangle - Is The Erb Dope (4:13)
14. Mundell Lowe - Coffee, Coffee (3:31)
15. Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra - Peyote Song no. 3 (10:10)
16. ZZ Top - Brown Sugar (5:17)
BTW, I must thank Footrack for today's "pill-pic"


cheeba said...

Huzzah! Another installment! This, the flutes and the wah-wahs are my personal fave series. Always enjoy your graphics too, E-mile. You've got a good eye to match your good ear!

footrack said...

Thanks for thanking me.
A lot.
But are you sure it's me?
I was not here.
Get in touch with lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff.
Thanks so much for sharing this great music.
Again, fab artwork too.
Much appreciated.
My best, Jon (Hove, UK)

whitepunksondope said...

Space is indeed the place, as a fan of spaced out 'exo-music' all I can say is this is without doubt one of the best examples of the genre...cosmic beyond words.
Don't know if you have got Space Experience 2? The wonderful 36 15 Moog have posted a 192 bitrate version(why why not 320!!?? Its as though a lower bitrate is somehow in an inverse relationship with morality or something equally bizarre..but again I am so greatful for people like yourself who give us such rare music that I would never come across unless I spent megabucks)

Wonderful blog by the way..I may be here some time ;)

E-mile said...

same stuff, new recipe.... drugs vol 8.rar