Thursday, August 27, 2009

262: do the dog, vol.7

Today a final descision has been made
to bring our oldest cat Pinch to the vet...
tomorrow he'll put him out of his misery.
His nine lives have ended, he strutted around my life
for the best part of 21 years.
He's too sick (OLD!) to eat properly, use the catbin or even simply
sit and stand up straight for more than over a week now,
he's in a lot of pain, so we have to do the right thing.
Because he always got along with first one,
and then the other dog in the house
(and I can't bring myself to go look through
a bunch of "cattish" songs tonight!)
I'll do the dog instead...
We're gonna miss the old bugger!
1. Ambros Seelos - Beware Of The Dog (3:01)
2. Byard Lancaster - Dogtown (1968) (4:09)
3. Byard Lancaster - Dogtown (1974) (7:16)
4. Cookin On 3 Burners - Dog Wash (3:46)
5. Corey Harris - Where The Yellow Cross The Dog (1:53)
6. Dave Douglas - Dog Star (5:01)
7. Duke Turner - Doggie Dog World (2:16)
8. El Fish - Copydog (3:24)
9. Funk Off - Big Dog (4:46)
10. Georgie Fame - Beware Of The Dog (2:42)
11. Herbie Mann - Philly Dog (2:28)
12. Hugh Hopper FrangloBand - Sliding Dogs (9:41)
13. Inez Foxx - Watch The Dog Tha Brings The Bone (3:08)
14. Irma Thomas - You're The Dog (I Do The Barking Myself) (3:01)
15. Jesse Rose - Night At The Dogs (4:26)
16. Jimmy Forrest - Dog It (4:46)
17. Mar-Keys - Philly Dog (2:17)
18. Mike Dillon - Dog House (6:01)
19. Moondog & The London Saxophonic - Dog Trot (2:27)
20. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro -
Black Dog, Black Cat, Black Bird (3:38)
21. Richard Davis - Do A Dog A Favor (3:16)
22. Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog (2:35)
23. Scope - Shuffle Funk Dog (5:31)
24. Sly & the Family Stone - Underdog (3:58)
25. Stan Bronstein - (Why Don'cha) Walk That Funky Dog (3:36)
here's a pic of the shape he's in...

though this one tells me he's probably coming back
at night, even after we have buried him in the garden
Dedicated to Pinch,
cat, friend and hunter,


Lexman said...

I'm very sorry for Pinch but he will have had a wonderfull life with you. We lost on of our two cats now almost two years ago and it's still hard to bear.
Bon courage as the french say....

cheeba said...

Wish you all the best E-mile. I never thought I could become attached to a cat but my little furry dood definitely changed that a few years ago. My heart goes out to you and your fam.

Anonymous said...

Terrible. Brings back sad memories... Luckily, there's a pet heaven !

Anonymous said...

Idem with my cat "beertje" 11 years 3 years ago - his mother (moustache) is now 15 i think - still here with us.
My heart goes also out to you and your fam.
We know what it means.
Veel sterkte (in dutch)-


Steve said...

He's so beautiful. Very soulful looking.

Best Wishes-

Anonymous said...

Hey E-mile - Sorry to read about Pinch.

Think of all the great music that he must have heard over the years! Not many cats are that lucky!

All the best


hookfinger said...

Emile - you had a 21 year old cat!! What a blessing. I'll bet that fellow lived like a king. Those damn cats always look as though they know something we don't. LOL.

I am sorry for your loss.


E-mile said...

thanks folks for your support,
though we still have the black little Piwi, maybe it's time to get a little kitten for (her/our?) company.
Pinch was and had a great "ride",
a helluva cat.

E-mile said...

totally forgot the link for this...
sorry folks!

bugsy_pal said...

Thanks for the great musical efforts... My sympathies for the loss of your friend - we lost our 17 year old cat a few months ago. Nice to know where they are in the garden...