Thursday, August 13, 2009

260: what a wonderful wah-wah..

Enthousiasts of the wah-wah can rejoice today!
(I know Fastman will [:-)
25 songs for this 25th. anniversary contains a lot of the funky stuff
and has your occasional odd one too!
Thanks to all the wonderful people out there,
yes, you know who you are!
BTW, I must plug THIS album because of reasons unknown
to mankind, and ofcourse because it's goddam genius!
That's why I included two songs of it today,
so you have any idea what you're into...
totally worth your money, trust me!
1. 87th Off Broadway - Can't Get Enough (2:54)
2. Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band -
Robberman (3:29)
3. B.T.Express - If I Don't Turn You On (4:42)
4. Blowfly - Butterfly Theme (2:17)
5. Carrie Riley & The Fascinations - Super Cool (2:55)
6. Chico Hamilton - Andy's Walk (4:16)
7. Dave Cortez & The Moon People - Happy Soul (2:58)
8. Dennis Landry - Concentration (2:45)
9. Eddy Senay - Soul Preachin' (5:49)
10. Egba - Manadens Erbjudande (3:21)
11. Fantastics - The White Out (2:57)
12. Frank Owens - Brown'n Serve (3:51)
13. Frankinsense - Dancing In The Light (4:12)
14. Giuliano Sorgini - To Rebound (2:58)
15. Godchild - Chut... Bébé dort (3:31)
16. H. Andrews Congregation - Chitlin Circuit (3:16)
17. Haymarket Square - Amapola (10:43)
18. Jim Ford - Mixed Green (3:26)
19. Lee Fields & The Devils Person Band -
The Bull Is Coming (3:33)
20. Manfred Mann - Up The Junction
(Vocal & Instrumental) (1:48)
21. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Eastwood Magic City (4:56)
22. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - The Changes (4:41)
23. Palov & Mishkin - Blunts, Parachutes,
Headphones & Beats ft. Bnc (2:58)
24. Todd Cochran - Free Angela (5:29)
25. Willie Hutch - I Wish You Love (4:49)


E-mile said...

E-nonymous says:

cheeba said...

More wah-wah! I'm so happy I'ma CRY like a BABY!

Plus another Willie Hutch closer! Can it get any better?

Need to check out more of this MMK stuff too, big thanks for the tip, E!

E-mile said...

cheeba, that's clever thinking! me likes your sharp witty sense-o-humour!...maybe one can have one installed on the turntable? No, really, that would be great, you can wah every album you're spinning... is this possible...the minds starts to boggle & boil a bit here [:-)
-next post 's gonna be killer too-
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

LOL... my DJing has slowed down to practically zip since 2008 and Greg are my main DJs for the past year or so!

As for the wah-wah/turntable idea...Mixmaster Mike broke that barrier back in the early 90s. Not sure if he was the first but he was the first I heard do it and you're absolutely right, the first time I heard him do it, it was mindboggling!

FASTMAN said...


Helmut said...

a big THANK YOU for this....and the previous 24 selections, keep lettin then coming, please

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