Friday, August 21, 2009

261: drinking again...

Today I propose a toast to the most holy ghost...
It's quite some cocktail, I'd say not to drink so much
different stuff in one night, but the comp is OK for almost
2 hours of shameless & uncomplicated FUN!
I myself will stick to a good beer, but feel free to pour a glass
or two of yer favourite poison and have fun.
Ofcourse a big thank you goes out to all my favoured
distilleries, the best brewers and all the bartenders who
I lend my willingly ears to over the years...
1. Art Brut - Alcoholics Unanimous (3:35)
2. Benjamin Herman - Get Me Some Whiskey, And A.... (6:14)
3. Billy Larkin & The Delegates - Red Wine (3:13)
4. Charles Et Les Lulus - Drink 'Till I Sink (4:39)
5. Corey Wilkes - Sonata In The Key Of Jack Daniels (5:53)
6. Earl Bostic - Who Snuck The Wine In The Gravy (2:53)
7. Eddie Harris - Drunk Man (3:16)
8. Firewater - Bourbon And Division (3:23)
9. Gary McFarland - 80 Miles An Hour Through
Beer-Can Country (8:48)
10. Hank Marr - Mexican Vodka
(Bossa Nova Sandman) (3:05)
11. Harold Land - Delirium (6:46)
12. Ian Siegal - I Drink (4:12)
13. Ibrahim Electric - Absinthe (5:09)
14. Jimmy Forrest - All The Gin Is Gone (4:48)
15. Joe Bonamassa - Jockey Full Of Bourbon (5:22)
16. John Coltrane - Vodka (9:07)
17. Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk To Fuck (2:12)
18. Relax - Saint Alcohol (3:34)
19. Reverend Horton Heat - It's Martini Time (3:14)
20. Rota Coolidge - Whiskey Whiskey (4:03)
21. Thomas Chapin - Drinkin' (7:41)
22. Tiny Grimes - Drinking Beer (2:54)
23. Valerie Simpson - Drink The Wine (3:55)
24. Willie Bobo - Bad, Bad Whiskey (2:29)
25. Wishbone Ash - Lady Whiskey (6:13)
get pissed in the comments?!
BTW: some more alcohol-fuelled posts can be found


E-mile said...

E-lcoholicus Anonymous says:


Jezus christ!! beautiful music and nice photo

swboy said...

hi E-mile
I've got the following
versions of Summertime
you might not have...
Sidney Bechet & Teddy Bunn
"Return to Ipanema" (Paquito R.)
The Ravens
Ted Greene
Joe Pass
Roy Eldridge (& Oscar Peterson)
Wynton Kelly
Phil Woods
Teddy Edwards
Lou Rawls
Bobby Hutcherson
Roland Hanna
NY Trio & Ken Peplowski
Seldon Powell
Mike Auldridge
Svend Asmussen
Jean Luc Ponty (live - 1968)
and a very cool piano
version (orchestral parts transcribed for solo piano) Gotta find that one though.
Let me know what you'd like.
Its easiest if I can attach some of these to emails...

E-mile said...

great swboy, will do the rest by mail [;-) thank you!
peace, E-mile

flageolette said...

Cheers m8!

I just now linked yours too,

This Comp will be in by the time we're back from getting ourselves some fresh Kouwe Kletse from the Nightstore!


dukester said...

thanx e -
beautiful comp, i'll drink to that.
unfortunately there's 2 dead links for your comp. 132 (have a drink or two).
could you re-up, please?
keep up the excellent work...

E-mile said...

Dukester, post 132 is re-upped...
thanks for the heads up.
Flageolette: enjoy the KK and thanks for the link! great blog you have!
peace, E-mile

upkerry14 said...

Wow, I wish I could drink that blond.....

Anonymous said...

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