Thursday, May 21, 2009

245: burned by fire....

that's me lying there...
accident happened while burning down a pile of bearing wood.
hopefully all will be better or even OK in a week or two...
within ten days summer starts and I have to stay out of the sun...
no matter what, the GIANT Summertime versions post
will be here June the first :-)
people PLEASE be safe working with fire!!!
1. Ben Harper - Burn One Down (3:31)
2. Betty Carter - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire (2:25)
3. Black Heat - Rapid Fire (1:35)
4. David "Fathead" Newman - Fire Weaver (7:12)
5. Dennis Coffey - Wings Of Fire (7:39)
6. Eric Burdon and The Animals - Ring of Fire (4:57)
7. Francy Boland & The Orchestra - Cross Fire (6:06)
8. Franz Ferdinand - This Fire (4:14)
9. Hayseed Dixie - This Fire (3:24)
10. JJ Grey & Mofro - On Fire (4:26)
11. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Burn It Off (2:56)
12. Larry Young - Fuel For The Fire (6:14)
13. Magnus - Buttburner (4:42)
14. Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire (4:21)
15. Oscar Brown, Jr. - Feel The Fire (3:31)
16. Parov Stelar - Your Fire Feat. Luke (3:01)
17. Pointer Sisters - Fire (3:30)
18. R.L. Burnside - Fireman Ring The Bell (4:00)
19. Ray LaMontagne - Burn (2:54)
20. Roland Kirk - Sweet Fire (6:07)
21. Seun Kuti - Fire Dance (8:10)
22. Sexteto Excellencio - Fire Eater (5:41)
23. Soul Messengers & The Spirit of Israel
- Burn Devil Burn (3:55)
24. Sunbirds (Klaus Weiss Sextet) - Fire Dance (4:42)
25. Zior - Your Life Will Burn (3:13)
245 -burned by fire (RS)


Dan Buskirk said...

Holy, I thought this was a shot from JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN. Feel better.

roberto t. said...

I applaude your sense of humour. Great compilation, really, though Fire And Rain (Gladys Knight has a good version) would have been right too. In case you have time to recover, why not think about 'water'? I wish you get better soon!

ish said...

Geez E-mile are you OK???

I'm picturing you blogging with bandages getting all tangled up in your keyboard.

Be safe and well.

Simon666 said...

Hope you're OK e-mile!!! take care

E-mile said...

thanx guys! it isn't all too bad, (mainly my left arm and second-degree burns in my entire face- THAT'S a bit worriyng!!) tomorrow a check up at the hospital, I hope they have some reassuring words, fresh oinkment and new & heavy painkillers for me :-)
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Who by fire ... Get well soon !

FASTMAN said...

I Wish You A Very Good Time.....

Arkadin said...

Jesus, this picture looks frightening! Hard to imagine that you still found a way to post and maintain your humor!
Get well soon & All the best!

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Hey man? What's up with you? You're safe & well? I hope so!
Gimme a drop on the mail if it's the case...
all the blessings dear friend


footrack said...

That's no bad joke?
So, a courageous week or two will not be too much.
May be these ones will help you :

E-mile said...

@ footrack: no, I'm afraid it's not... thanks for the link & doctor told me rest of the year I've got to stay out of the sun & put on a sunblock 40 to protect my skin (what's left of it) maybe the baddest part is I can't kiss my girl cause of my burned lips :-(
see you soon again,
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

Well good to see you still posting E-Mile; hope recovery speeds up!

hookfinger said...

Jeez - emile - take care, hope you mend quickly. Thank you for the sense of humor.

Reza said...

holy shit mate what have you done !

thats certainly a photo for your scrap album , god I hope you make good recovery, thinking of you :)

the jazzstronaut said...

Hi E-mile, I hope you're getting better, quite distressing to see you in that state. Chin up, I'm sure your crazy sense of humour will help you through.
Look after yourself.

BartH35 said...

Jeez E-mile, it's been a while since I've visited here, and now I see this! I hope your recovery is making good progrssion. I'll see you around!

mama-sama said...

woah! so sorry to hear about your accident. please take care and speedy recovery!

being new to your blog, i'll take this opportunity to tell you it's frickin' awesome! thanks for all your inspiration and work here. i'm like a kid in a candy store. lol

best to you, emile.

E-mile said...

@ mama sama: thanks & you're welcome, happy browsing and hope you'll like what you find!
I'm recovering well, thank you, hope all's well at your end too:-)
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Hope you are on the mend. Be safe, be well.

Bonobo said...

Oh my. Dear E-mile, I stumbled over this just now ... I hope you're over all this and WELL over all this. Fire can pretty dangerous as I once learnt, nearly burnt down a house accidentally 27 years ago.

E-mile said...

Bonobo, that Talking Heads song is terrific! Hope your flames didn't "go all the way", though...
Just some pale spots on my left arm and a few "characterizingly" well lookinh shades in my face, thank you...
peace, E-mile