Saturday, May 9, 2009

241: instrumentals, part 4

Today I'll shut up, except for this:
Thank you Ish, (let alone the Nine Sisters)
Thank you Footrack,
Thank you Quit Smoking Monday,
(to my feeds, needs, reeds & deeds)
thank you for exploring this rather 100%
splendid mix I compiled after, well let's call it another
mindblowing night by myself, me & I...
let's NOT waste anymore of them typo's
just enjoy the show...
(1 of the best I did over here, so if you've got about
1 and a half hour to explore, well, here's your mix!)
1. Aiyb Dieng - Boka Devotion (6:07)
2. Benevento Russo Duo - Bronko's Blues (6:20)
3. Bernie Worrell - The Mask (7:43)
4. Billy Larkin & The Delegates - Agent Double-O-Soul (2:20)
5. Don Patterson - Muse Blues (17:57)
6. Hank Marr - Back Slop (4:05)
7. Heliocentrics & Mulatu Astatke - Fire In The Zoo (3:36)
8. Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Sly (4:07)
9. Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - Never Better (3:29)
10. Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Blues Of The Kilimanjaro (3:36)
11. Ramsey Lewis - Jade East (2:55)
12. Sir Richard Bishop - Taqasim For Omar (7:15)
13. Stanley Turrentine - Lonely Avenue (8:10)
14. Steve Turre - Since I Fell For You (5:40)
15. Vernon Reid & Masque - Enjoy The Silence (6:39)
16. Zunk - Meny Un (Minus One) (4:11)
instrumentals part 4 (RS)


Arkadin said...

Great stuff in this compilation. I'm a big fan of Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog in particular. "Party Intellectuals" is one of the best albums of this decade IMO. Thanks!

Henk said...

He Emile,

Higly recommended: Last shop standing, whatever happened to record shops by Graham Jones.
Je mag 'm lenen als ik 'm uit heb.


E-mile said...

@Arkadin: I'm a big Ribot-o-maniac myself too, I escpecially like the work he's doing (& done) with Zorn...but hell, most of his stuff is plain brilliant :-)
@Henk: please do, als je 'm uithebt! (je weet me te vinden?)
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

See also + check ...

Many thanks for the wonderful music, eMile, ànd for the impressive blogroll (though I can't agree with blogs that post albums that are fully available as reissues). Keep on funkin' !

Anonymous said...

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