Saturday, December 20, 2008

207: How To Hammond, part 2

How to Hammond part 2, indeed!
20 great groovers built around the solid B-3 organs...
Aaah, those Leslie-speakers goin' round & round :-)
The first part I did you can find here,
grab that too if you missed that one,
for now,
let's get hooked on the holy Hammond again & have fun!
1. Ari Borger Quartet - Soul G1 (3:34)
2. Big John Patton - The Mandingo (7:56)
3. Billy Hawks - Whip It On Me (3:19)
4. Captain Hammond - Half Man Half Organ (5:07)
5. Charles Earland - Love Story (10:01)
6. Hammond Brothers - Green Light (2:31)
7. Henry Cain - Why? (Am I Treated So Bad) (2:49)
8. Isaac Redd Holt Unlimited - Let The Spirit In (4:30)
9. Jamie Saft Trio - Dignity (5:34)
10. Jimmy Caravan - Holiday (2:47)
11. Jimmy McGriff & Richard Groove Holmes -
Out of Nowhere (8:30)
12. Jimmy Smith - T-Bone Steak (7:18)
13. John Patton - Rakin' And Scrapin' (10:07)
14. Merl Saunders - My Train (2:40)
15. Richard "Groove" Holmes - Livin' Soul (4:35)
16. Rusty Bryant - Wildfire (6:15)
17. Stan Hunter & Sonny Fortune -
Trip On The Strip (4:51)
18. The Touch - Pick & Shove (2:40)
19. Toussaint McCall - Shimmy (2:19)
20. Trio Valore - Dam Square (3:00)


E-mile said...
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dukester said...

yo, e-mile:
just discovered hammond 1 and 2 ... glorious, glorious stuff! thanx for this and for all your other excellent comps.
hope you have a great new year & thanks again for your fine work. keep it up, man!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don´t know why, but it seems that the archives are corrupted........I can´t unzip that files.......Could you please verify it ??? Thanks ! You have a very good stuff here !!!!

E-mile said...

anonymous, I checked & found no problems unzipping (both parts)
You should be able to unzip them seperately...
peace, E-mile

nichrus said...

Part 2 is no longer exist. But take anyway warm thanks from deep of my heart!

E-mile said...

nichrus, will fix this post asap!
thanks for the shout...
check back in a couple of days.
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

nichrus, I checked both my links (you need BOTH the mediafirelinks in order to get the whole post) and they are both OK...
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...


Kovina Kris said...

Thanks for re-posting this volume (2) of Hammond treats as well E-mile! So nice to get all of these. I'll have a LOT to listen to when I finish getting these and listen I shall!