Thursday, December 25, 2008

209: happy holidays...

As for the holidays of 2008,
the closing of the year and all that jive,
I wanted to do a seasonal greetings mix-comp
But I changed my mind (a little bit) and put in
some (of the) crazy stuff (that surrounds us daily).
All in all, it has become a diverse, decent mix,
which will satisfy some of my listeners I hope.
I wish everybody all the best possible for the next year,
good health and mental well-being,
along with some love and understanding,
the occasional happy moments
and ofcourse all the musical madness one can dream of!
Maybe now is a good time to say a thank you
for all the support I received here,
a yet bigger thank you to all the
truly inspired & dedicated bloggers out there,
and a global BIG thank you to all the musicians,
who's work brightens up my day & night!
1. Afrodizz - Kif Kif (12:30)
2. Beginning Of The End - I've Got The News (5:10)
3. Betty Lavette - What Condition My Condition Is In (2:35)
4. Carleen & The Groovers - Right On (2:14)
5. Dusty - Voodoo (3:38)
6. Ellen McIlwaine - Dead End Street (4:35)
7. Houston Person - He'll Fight My Battle ft. Etta Jones (3:33)
8. Jackie Ivory - Do It To Death (3:30)
9. Jim Ford - Rising Sign (3:40)
10. John Mayall - Television Eye (7:32)
11. Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away (2:12)
12. Piscean Group - Call Of The Ancestors (4:10)
13. Sons And Daughters Of Lite - A Real Thing (7:02)
14. Sugarpie Desanto - The Whoo Pee (2:26)
15. Weldon Irvine - Love Your Brother + Sanctified Version (6:55)


E-mile said...

E-nonymous says...
one big fart:

or 2 farts with mediafire:

FASTMAN said...

Best Wishes for You & amily & Friends.

Thank You for The Hard Work & Good Good Music.

I Don't can wait for the next Wah Wah Collection.

Excuse my bad English...I'm from Switzerland
I'm speakin' German.

E-mile said...

fastman, your english is excellent!
all the best to you and those close to you too :-)
some special wah special is coming up REAL soon, so stay tuned!
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much again for the Happy Holiday Collection. As with below I was seduced with the offering of one single (Betty Lavette doing "What Condition My Condition Is In"), and am looking forward to the great surprises coming from the rest! Happy Holidays! Audie