Tuesday, May 25, 2010

307: Ain't No Sunshine...

Today a little comp on a single
(but very well known)
Made immortal by Bill Withers,
this track is covered a zillion times.
Here are 21 examples
for your listening experience.
1. Aaron Neville - Ain't No Sunshine (3:40)
2. Betty Wright - Ain't No Sunshine (3:18)
3. Bradley Leighton - Ain't No Sunshine (5:32)
4. Carol Duboc - Ain't No Sunshine (4:16)
5. Eddy Senay - Ain't No Sunshine (3:19)
6. Eva Cassidy - Ain't No Sunshine (3:25)
7. Full Throttle Blues Band - Ain't No Sunshine (4:18)
8. Gregory James Edition - Ain't No Sunshine (3:41)
9. Jacqui Naylor - Ain't No Sunshine (5:27)
10. Joan Osborne - Ain't No Sunshine (3:10)
11. Lenny Kravitz - Ain't No Sunshine (3:43)
12. Lonesome Echo Production - Ain't No Sunshine (4:57)
13. Lyn Collins - Ain't No Sunshine (2:47)
14. Nino Toledo - Ain't No Sunshine (4:39)
15. Paul Brown - Ain't No Sunshine (3:05)
16. Pete Alderton - Ain't No Sunshine (3:51)
17. Rhonda Redden - Ain't No Sunshine (2:54)
18. Sivuca - Ain't No Sunshine (6:46)
19. Soul Fantastics - Ain't No Sunshine (3:13)
20. Susie Thorne - Ain't No Sunshine (2:41)
21. Wynonna - Ain't No Sunshine (3:19)


elusive said...

interesting post. thank you!

my favorite version: harlem underground band - ain't no sunshine:

Bonobo said...

Thank you, wonderful. This was the first song the Hamburg Soul Choir rehearsed when it was founded in 1988 or so, I was a member then. Good memories.

Leopold Stotch said...

Don't forget those all important reggae covers too:



Hope yer doin well E!

BTW note new digs:

footrack said...


Kees said...

Hi, thanx for this one! If you like the song If I were a carpenter, take a look at:


Might be interesting!

E-mile said...

dankjewel Kees, sure any version fiesta of a song is interesting, will mos def give it a go!
peace, E-mile

Le Porc Rouge said...

Here it is, and Sivuca's already included!
Looking forward to exploring this.
Big thanks.

jazzobsessive said...

Hi E-mile

Seeing your Vol 2 Post made me start Back at Vol 1 first.

Wow! So pleased I did -what a selection only a couple I didn't think were up to the mark.

What a music collection you must have!

Just out of interest-how many albums do you own & if you have them all on MP3 what is the total???

E-mile said...

hi jazzobsesive, regular CD's and MP3 albums together span about 22.000 albums I think, but I stopped counting loooong time ago [:-)

jazzobsessive said...

Hi E-mile

That's some collection my friend.

And I thought I was into music!!

Keep up the great work & thanks for sharing!

E-mile said...

reshined: http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/27413810/file.html