Monday, May 3, 2010

303: Wah-Chronicles, Volume 27

Today another volume of the great wah-wah chronicles!
1 Hour & 25 minutes of funky wah-heaven, especially selected
for a fully satisfying listening experience [:-)
hope to see y'all soon again,
for now play it loud & enjoy!
1. 32nd Turn Off - Armadillo Walked To Missouri (7:10)
2. Alex Grenier - Beat Down (3:39)
3. Ame Harris Desert Water Bag Company - People (2:56)
4. Apostles - Inc. Spot (4:44)
5. Bad Child - Bad Child (5:43)
6. Bamboos - Move On (Instrumental) (5:25)
7. Betty Wright
- All Your Kissin' Sho' Don't Make True Lovin' (2:37)
8. Bill Lawrence - Pussy Baby (2:57)
9. Ceaser Frazier - Mighty Mouse (5:19)
10. Claude Denjean - Kiss This (3:04)
11. Creative Funk - Moving World (3:59)
12. Dave Pike Set
- Walkin' Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg (3:27)
13. King James Version - Meet Up Yonder (2:59)
14. Lightnin' Red - Caravan (3:08)
15. Malone & Barnes & Spontaneous Simplicity
- Road Man (3:23)
16. Mongo Santamaria - The Whistler (3:51)
17. Phat Fred - Yu Nou Rili (3:45)
18. Round Robin Monopoly - Dreamers (5:00)
19. Soulive - Hat Trick (5:07)
20. Tina Britt - Hawg For You (4:07)
21. Underbelly - Red Flames (3:15)


E-mile said...

or have it this way:

FASTMAN said...



Very Good
Many Thanks
guido from

E-mile said...

within a week both my RS and MF link were sabotaged... my guess is that there is (or are) some people who dislike the stuff I strut here at E-mile Says...will try to re-up, but maybe things have to CHANGE around here...more & more posts get whipped, I see lotsa blogs close or go private...
I don't see all too many comments or replies...I see over 100's of dl's of posts...but maybe I'm just seeing things (the wrong way)?

E-mile said...

E-mile said...

jazzobsessive said...

I love a lot of these tracks especially when I have never even heard of the artists.

Your compilations are like discovering buried treasure!

Thanks as always & keep em coming

Robinho said...

i must admit i am one of those who has been enjoying your contribution many times and yet i have not thanked you for tipping me off to artist i have yet not discovered....
so thank you very much
and sorry for beeing part of the feeling that it's not appreciated (commented)

In a bizarre way i thought the DL statistic tells you how appreciated it sure is!!!

greetings from switzerland

E-mile said...

Robinho, thanks for the comment!
hope you enjoy the stuff on the blog (and leave a comment so now & then when you do [:-)
peace, E-mile

upkerry14 said...

yes emile, I have switched to megaupload, much better than mf or rs. Try it! bill