Tuesday, December 1, 2009

275: a Fab Four Favourite...

Eventually it had to show up here at E-mile Says someday:
a Fab Four Favourite...
Some reeaaallllyy crazy flavours (check song 7
from Doodles Weaver for instance!) and some that
are maybe just as nice as the original?
(my vote goes to miss Gentry here)
along with some poppy, jazzy or soulful variations...
This one is for all the lonely people,
where do they all belong?
1. Anna Luna - Eleanor Rigby (5:01)
2. Antidoping - Eleanor Rigby (5:55)
3. Bobbie Gentry - Eleanor Rigby (2:32)
4. Chick Corea - Eleanor Rigby (4:39)
5. Crusaders - Eleanor Rigby (7:24)
6. Dizzy Man's Band - Eleanor Rigby (8:50)
7. Doodles Weaver - Eleanor Rigby (4:11)
8. Four Tops - Eleanor Rigby (3:06)
9. Jeffery Smith - Eleanor Rigby (5:23)
10. Jimmy Caravan - Eleanor Rigby (2:53)
11. Messengers Incorporated - Elenor Rigby (4:43)
12. Mike Melvoin - Eleanor Rigby (2:02)
13. Nonpalidece - Eleanor Rigby (3:28)
14. Ogar Grafe - Eleanor Rigby (1:50)
15. Rare Earth - Eleanor Rigby (6:38)
16. Sandy Coast - Eleanor Rigby (3:19)
17. Urszula Dudziak - Eleanor Rigby (3:55)
18. Vince Seneri - Eleanor Rigby (5:10)
19. Walter Carlos - Eleanor Rigby (2:08)
stay tuned and join the caravan (?)
for more fab 4 frenzy someday...


E-mile said...


Anonymous said...

Dankuwel Emile ... however, cannot open (fout -1) !?

E-mile said...

dear anonymous.....................
I guess a zip-file can't be THAT hard to open [:-)
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Some other versions...

Booker T & the MG's
Ernie Garrett

Anonymous said...

Darl eM please do not project ... OF COURSE I know how to open a non corrupt zip (with Stuffit Expander or other standard software), but with this one I'm getting "mistake -1". IN ANY CASE thanks for all the rest, obviously !

E-mile said...

to anonymous: I dl-ed AND unzipped this file twice without the slightest hick-up...maybe try to DL it again?
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess I'll do that ... fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I'm sure you've heard of Versions Galore ? Keep on funkin' !

E-mile said...

I don't know... Version Galore? please don't make me goggle it & tell me all about it [:-) It sounds interesting enough!
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

I'm the same anonymous as the song list, not the one of the zip-files, but versions galore is another blog, of the same style, recopilations of songs ;D

E-mile said...

OK thanks Anonymous 1 (or2)- will check it!
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Yep the zip proved alright after a second DL ! And to answer your question :
Beep beep 'n beep beep yeah !

troods said...

Ahhhhh, play this collection and plan for a night of weeping and self- pity!!! Great looking. It'll be interesting, though maybe I'll listen one version at a time! Thank you and to others who are contributing info and sites.

Vinyl4Giants said...

OUT-STANDING!!! I have some other versions if you need 'em. good stuff. keep me posted on any other Beatles comps you got. I'm a sucker for these covers. cheers!!

dugg said...



galore-007 said...

Hi E-Mile... fell on your blog because i searched Versions Galore's blog. Wäääää, they are offffffffffff


Via Google cache fell on your blog, and, haha!, found Miss Eleanor RR. I LOOOVE that song, so want to say many thanks for the compil, Zip file was oky and I am 18 versions richer!!!I I had already 12 versions, incl. from your list Rare Earth. You miss (if you don't mind, fyi): Cleo Laine, Pain, Kathi Raschke, Paul McCartney, The Standells, Vanilla Fudge (what a group!!), Brazilian Tropical Orchestra, Rick Wakeman, Wes Montgomery

I love versions! My iTunes is full of intelligent "1 song" lists.

By the way: you have a version of Urszula... I have her 1st LP, very rare, from 1975. It's a fantastic album, really. Best songs Papaya, fkn modern, and Funk Rings.

Happy version hunting! Emil (sic)