Sunday, November 22, 2009

274: a new cat in town..

Finally, our new pussycat has been chosen...
Fresh from the pound, so it's de-wormed, clipped, tagged,
(now) sterilized and renamed a few times,
so I can welcome you to a few pics of...Pinky!
She's a VERY vivid, amazing & persistent young kitten,
climbing into everything you don't want cats to climb into kinda cat!
We all love her to bits and the black one (Piwi)
has to really sort it out alltogether, but she will do just fine.
The king is dead, long live the queen!
Hope you'll enjoy these cattish-tunes once more,
next theme will be one hell of a different one, I promise.
1. Bar-Kays - Copycat (2:20)
2. Bent Fabric - Alley Cat (2:28)
3. Boppin'b - The Love Cats (3:30)
4. Davell Crawford - The Cat (5:56)
5. Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Pet the Kat (6:31)
6. Hiroshi Suzuki - Cat (5:26)
7. James Blood Ulmer - Who Let The Cat Out Of The Bag? (4:36)
8. Lee Morgan - Tom Cat (9:50)
9. Mighty Kong - Callin' All Cats (The Cats Are Callin') (4:01)
10. Milt Hinton - Katz' Meow (A Canon For Cats) (5:20)
11. Mongo Santamaria - El Pussy Cat (2:44)
12. Motherlode - Black Cat (3:27)
13. Parov Stelar - Catgroove (5:09)
14. Roy Eldridge - The Nifty Cat (6:53)
15. Twinset - Black And White Cat (7:14)
16. Werner Baumgart - Two Little Cats (2:49)
17. Yosuke Yamashita - Cats Dance (4:12)-


troods said...

Baby, as a multi cat owner and cat lover, I congratulation on your new addition. Pinky is adorable and huggable......I fee her vibe all the way here. My cats have made their approving nose touch of the computer screen! Thanks for the song collection.

E-mile said...

troods, glad you like some of the stuff on the blog ( and the cats too[:-)
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

this post got whipped too, will re-up to MF one of these days......................................................................

E-mile said...