Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SFTEOTU - rest in peace.....

This is NOT how things should be.
Thanx Arkadin for the action & the pic above,
and thanks -but no thanks-
for the spineless bastard(s)
who killed this fine (mind you: private!) blog...
Me recovering from my burns seems almost
LESS significant than this shit happening :-(
Where is the love?


tjaptjap said...

yeah, damn shame for the closedown..i had the same with my blog which had almost 2 million hits. Anyway, the sharing of music will coninue, one way or another.
Keep up the good work!

Arkadin said...

Thanks for your sympathies, E-mile!
I still don't understand it. After one person had been banned the first time because of sharing on Soulseek everyone should have known what the deal is, right? Apparently not...
Well, life goes on and health is definitely more significant than a blog, even if it had been the best around - Peace! :)

hookfinger said...

I don't understand what happened but I am going to miss visiting here. You were a breath of fresh air. take care, my friend.

sawanotsuru said...

so, can i just ask, because i'm still a noob

what exactly did the person do to piss people off? because i don't wanna cause any future blogs to shut down.


E-mile said...

check here and read the comments if things are still unclear...
peace, E-mile