Friday, June 19, 2009

249: songs for Jimi, part 2

I'm feeling kinda better and more or less up to date enough
to post some stuff here again...
my skin feels kinda fresh and the spots which will always remind
me of me gettin on fire will be small (I hope!)
I kinda forgot to include Jimi's "Fire" in the post me getting burned,
so I'll make up for that on today's post!
Phil Lynott's song isn't a cover,
but have a listen and you'll understand why I included it :-)
Phil's missed a lot by me,
I still remember where I was and what I did
the day I heard he'd passed away...
Enjoy these 20 Jimi covers and burn a candle for
Mr. Lynott, or even better,
play one of the first 3 Thin Lizzy albums very loud!!!
( I must admit the Live & Dangerous 2LP set will also do fine)
1. Axiom Funk - If 6 Was 9 (6:00)
2. Black Merda - Foxy Lady (instrumental)(3:13)
3. Bob Walsh - Purple Haze (5:14)
4. Bonerama - Crosstown Traffic (6:16)
5. Don Byron - If 6 Was 9 (6:39)
6. Ellen McIlwaine - Up From the Skies (3:52)
7. Gil Evans - Little Wing (1986) (15:53)
8. Gil Evans - Stone Free (14:13)
9. Gil Evans Orchestra - Gypsy Eyes (3:41)
10. Hi-Fly Orchestra - Crosstown Traffic (3:25)
11. Johnny Jones & The King Casuals - Purple Haze (3:14)
12. King Curtis - Hey Joe (2:54)
13. Lee Moses - Hey Joe (6:12)
14. Lonnie Smith - Foxy Lady (10:01)
15. Negative Space - Purple Haze (2:57)
16. Phil Lynott - A Song For Jimi (3:53)
17. Phil Upchurch - Crosstown Traffic (3:56)
18. Phil Upchurch - Voodoo Chile (2:51)
19. Praxis - Machine Gun (12:47)
20. Roy Buchanan - If 6 Was 9 (4:09)
21. Scarlet Runner - Who Knows...Power Of Soul (12:47)
RS is kinda NOT working for me last couple of days,
so you've got to get BOTH (A+B) parts on MF ! ! !


E-mile said...

the BBQ-man says:

Goofy said...

I'm only downloading the files at the moment, so I haven't listened to anything yet, so don't take this as criticism. Have you listened to Angelique Kidjo's version of "Voodoo Chile"? It's pretty amazing.

E-mile said...

can't say I've heard it, on which album ? I'm curious :-) hope you'll like some of these versions.
peace, E-mil

Goofy said...

Your mixes are great; tracks well chosen and in the right order.
Kidjo has her version of "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" on "Oremi" album.
She's born in Benin and lives in the west. She's quite famous, in the "world music" circles at least.

E-mile said...

I checked it today, will include the track in a 3rd volume of Jimi covers! thank you for the tip :-) I knew of her, I included 1 Summertime version by her in post 156. peace, E-mile

Munju said...

Hello E-mile,

Thank you for your great work!

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cheers! :)

Zipangu said...

Hi !

great job and marvellous ideas !
And you give me a wonderful idea : make some personal anthologies in the future, around "If six was nine" song for example !


galore-007 said...

Hi E-mile, was listening to my favourite Hey Joe version form Deep Purple today and checked because of your (and mine) glaore virus: have you ever heared of Los Locos Del Ritmo?? they did a fast version mid-sixties (no info available), a group from Mexico, sung in Spanish. Love it. How can I share with U?

E-mile said...

Nice! I guess - new to me! Love to hear it...up the track to mediafire or so and share the link here in the comments [:-)
hope to hear from you again Mr.oo7!
peace, E-mile

rocdoc said...

e-mile, thanks for all your help (i'm up to #8 so far)...i was finally putting Vol 1 and Vol 2 to disc and i've found that the track by scarlet runner comes up as corrupt - DL'd it twice, same result...i'll try finding it elswhere as well, because a 12+ minute version of 'who knows' is something i need to hear.
if you've got a chance though...thanks!

rocdoc said...

i found that scarlett runner song, which also has craig erickson duelling with jason whatshisname...their 2007 compilation album (which has 'who knows' on it) is absolutely fantastic.
'crrupt file' solved ...for me at least.