Sunday, January 18, 2009

220: JB Tribute part 2

Normally I don't post whole albums
(there's plenty of that stuff out there!)
but today I'll make some sort of exception...
A bit like a follow up on my previous comp, this album
holds an excellent selection of James Brown covers,
especially compiled for his 65th birthday, and I
haven't seen this around in the blog-o-sphere before,
so here you have it...
dig in & enjoy!
1. Frank Black at the 'G - Mother Popcorn
(You Got to Have a Mother for Me) (4:32)
2. Chris Whitley - I Can't Stand Myself
(When You Touch Me) (3:59)
3. Carmen Quinones (Grand Mal)
with Mercury Rev -
It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World (4:05)
4. James Taylor Quartet - In the Middle (3:45)
5. World Famous Blue Jays - I'll Go Crazy (2:09)
6. Don Fleming (Gumball) -
People Wake Up and Live (4:06)
7. Q-Burns Abstract Message - Get Up
(I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine (6:31)
8. Jules Shear - Ain't That a Groove (3:40)
9. Swingin' Neck Breakers - Good, Good Lovin' (2:11)
10. Scarnella (Nels Cline and Carla Bozulich
of the Geraldine Fibbers) -
Hot Pants (She Got to Use What (4:42)
11. The Fleshtones - Don't Be a Dropout (2:47)
12. Chris McDermott & His Wild Combo -
The Whole World Needs Liberation (4:01)
13. Sex Mob - Please, Please, Please (4:44)
14. Doublespeak - King Heroin (5:32)
15. Little Sammy D. & Newborn -
Call Me Super Bad (2:29)
16. Broke Dick Dog (Mike Watt, Money Mark
and Stephen Perkins) -
Shhhhhhhh! (For a Little While) (2:57)



By The Way, HERE you can find another JB cover-comp!


FASTMAN said...

Thank You Very Very Much...Absolutely Fantastic

jaguar said...

Great tribute CD.

Many thanks.

E-mile said...

a zillion downloads on this one,
and only 2 comments....
well, thank you but no thank you, my guess is that the world isn't funky enough to ....
whatever, enjoy this comp and be your bad selves :-)
peace, E-mile

tafto said...

OK,Here is another sign of gratitude.
Peace brother and THANKS