Saturday, October 25, 2008

is it the YMCA or is it the DMCA?

this (above) was the picture
of my "banned" post nr. 161,
an all Summertime-version...
I still don't know WHY blogger deleted it,
this was the tracklisting I had going on:
1. Ligia Piro - Summertime (3:33)
2. Lorena - Summertime (1:51)
3. Louis Armstrong - Summertime (5:00)
4. Love Sculpture - Summertime (4:01)
5. Luca Agnelli - Summertime (3:54)
6. Lucie Bílá - Summertime (5:25)
7. Muslim Magomaev - Summertime (3:30)
8. Mahalia Jackson - Summertime (3:41)
9. Mantovani & Nat King Cole - Summertime (4:05)
10. Marcus Miller - Summertime (5:31)
11. Maria Callas - Summertime (2:48)
12. Mark Ford - Summertime (4:24)
13. McCoy Tyner - Summertime (4:51)
14. McCoy Tyner Trio - Summertime (6:11)
15. Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Summertime (2:09)
16. MFSB - Summertime (4:49)
17. M.Petrucciani & Eddy Louiss - Summertime (8:03)
18. Mike Brant - Summertime (3:49)
19. Miles Davis - Summertime (3:19)
If you feel in ANY way you missed out on these,
I'll advice you happy hunting :-)
The other post that was deleted was
nr. 103.
(see picture below)
103: I Got It Covered!

Today a selection of GREAT covers!
Never thought that an Arctic Monkey's song could be THIS funky!
The whole Baby Charles album is funky as hell btw!
-think Alice Russell kinda quality-
Ofcourse the Mingus song by Jeff Beck is standing strong,
the song originally was a tribute to the late Lester Young.
The surf classic gets the "plenty of horns" NCC live workout,
always nice, at once I'm back in Pulp Fiction ...
And yes, even a Gibbs brothers song can be done the right way,
as this version by these guys from Spo Dee O Dee prooves.
Lou Reed's most famous song gets a very jazzy,
mellow & laidback treatment from a great sounding lady and band.
Finally a guy doing one of the songs Bobby Gentry was famous for.
Also for this one I don't know who's kneecaps were hurt
by putting out these ten great covers,
but that's the way blogger treats us music lovers I guess...
I wish everybody had a collection that comes close to
all the LP's & CD's that I bought over the years
no musicians would be hurt, I'm sure.

1 comment:

Bonobo said...

That's really odd, because it's probably just those people who hunt for diamonds like these who wash the most money into the music industry's bags.

I must not even begin to count how much money I've spent on iTunes and Amazon music cause it might cause some grief, just imagining what else I could've purchased over the time. House and car and clothes could be in far better condition, but no, I wanted that and that music, and I wanted it THEN (cause that was NOW), and I wanted to have it all.

So please, dear musicians, give your record labels a kick in the ass, OK?