Saturday, May 7, 2016

Yawn,,,,back from hibernation... or not?

That's the question, indeed.
I've had numerous reasons why I stopped posting new posts,
(mainly 'cause life was/is giving me shit)
and couldn't find reasons weighing enough to change that.

Now I'm thinking, I haven't changed, I still am a sucker for the 
weird covers versions, I keep my ears open for new funk, jazz, soul and what have you not.
I still stash away theme-laden songs ....
Hell, I even got a Summertime song I can't share with you, because of legal reasons....

My question is a simple one:
Should I bother putting out new posts?
With little to zero life expectancy of working links to the songs?
(me serving re-ups for every request....well it's sigh-full (to say at the least)
Does anyone really care for 25 new versions of Sunny?
Or, is anyone interested in 25 Nirvana covers songs?
Or even 25 new songs with the devil, a strut, all Hammond, drugs, 
all flute, or any other theme I conjured up in my posts in the past?

I feel blogging music and musical ideas isn't the same as it was back in the days
when I started this (2007).

But maybe I'm wrong.

If I am, please let me know, and (depending on the response)
I might spill the beans once more - every week!

God knows I (still) have plenty of goodies [:-)


evansbigday said...

How about some new directions, themes? First suggestion: a whistling compilation. And maybe we don't need 100. 20 or 25 is fine.

The house mouse said...

Hell YEAH we're interested! :)

Dan Goldman said...

Yes, we missed you! And I love the cover compilations. But you can focus on the good covers or covers we might listen to more than once. Leave out the curiosities. Looking forward to whatever will be coming!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it looks like I missed out on all sorts of goodness... but maybe you will return?
Do it! Do it! Do it!


sharkman said...

Keep up the good work....
i just love it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

E-mile said...

1- the cheesy versions make the world go round....
2- I only know of 1 song with whistling: Sitting on the dock of the bay....
3- @ knut: it's never too late to join a party [:-)
First I wanna focus in promoting new good stuff...

Then I'll throw in some actual work!

Anonymous said...

Oh good! I'm joining the party! ... "bartender, another bourbon please" :-)


Unknown said...

Welcome back friend! I'd midded you.
Covers are "illness" and theme-laden songs are perfect too.
If you can ceep on with all these, it's PERFECT.
But it depends on you. Do anything makes you happy.
For us it'll be the same. INTERESTING! :)
Just keep on and smile. That can change things

Auvo said...


and welcome back! Your cover posts are great!
Please, keep on going and re-download the hole Summertime collection sometime with new ones.

- Auvo, Finland

Sergio Dueñas said...

i just can say,i have miss you

boogieman said...

Hi e-mile,

I agree with you that blogging is not what it used to be some years back.
I'm wondering myself whether to re-start, I stopped because i went to work overseas but I'll be back home in a few weeks and I still have loads of records to post, many obscure ones that have never appeared before on any blog. Being able to share the music we love is a great pleasure. I know you feel the same urge to share.
What's frustrating is the lack of feedback, people just DL, it's free, but there are few comments.
But, to answer you question, I'd say yes, come back we like your posts.