Friday, June 6, 2014

418: R.I.P. Rex 2000 - 2014

Today I post a sad post.
I had to say goodbye to Rex, my 14 and and a bit border-collie.
I decided to put him to rest, he had multiple skin issues, driving him crazy,
was going blind and deaf, in short, not the dog he was ment to be...
(for many, many years he was, working his ass off, doing tricks & chores)
Though I know I made the right decision, it still feels awfull.. 
I stayed with him till the very last heartbeat, feeling very sad, 
but also somehow relieved he was going to a better place.
So in his honour, a follow up on the dog-theme.... 

A pic of his final moment,
a few minutes before he died....


E-mile said...

let's bark to the wrong doorbell:

Anonymous said...

I have some idea of your loss. A number of years ago my father, who lived a couple of hours drive outside of town, passed away and my family adopted Phil, the Manx cat he'd had for longer than I could remember. We soon discovered Phil was not at all well. It wasn't until I found myself at the vet's, looking into Phil's dying eyes, that I understood something of the bond dad and Phil must have shared. And the memories they each left with.


LjP said...

I share your pain. i lost animals too.

Andy said...

You made the right call mate, happy memories.

Simon666 said...

Sorry E-Mile, RIP Rex!
Here's another song for Rex :

upkerry14 said...

I am so sorry E-mile. It is the hardest and kindest thing you can do for your loved pal. There are no words....

Kovina Kris said...

Oh man, so sorry for your loss E-Mile. I had to do this for a beloved pet as well and rest assured that if it got to the point that you felt Rex was better off leaving this earth then you made the right decision in allowing him to leave in a painless fashion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your news. I've got a 15 and half year old Border Collie, nearly blind, bad back legs and a bladder infection, yet she still goes on, with a little help from the vet, but she's very near the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi !!!
I'm sorry for your loss.
I feel your pain.
Yesterday my cat died.
(aged 11 months)


sharkman said...

Aah sad to hear Mans best friend passed away
Maybe there's is some comfort in looking at the old record labels as " His masters voice"

Keep the faith....

Le Zornophage said...

So sorry for your loss, mate.
I've had 6 dogs, 4 had to be put down, it's always an heartbreak.


I am so sorry for your loss. I have one dog 14 years old with eye problems and a healthy 2 years old cat.

Billy Sometimes said...

I feel your pain. It comes back every time someone mentions a pet dying.
Here is something I wrote to friends about my cat after she was "put to sleep" because her liver was failing...

Clutter died, April 21, 2008.

All day I've been thinking about loss. I could say, "It hurts." It
does. My heart hurts today. But it does more than merely hurt, loss
does. The death of someone we love, and animals count here more than
I could have predicted, kills us a little bit. That heartache, that's
more than just an emotional response to death. It's real physical
pain. As Trey would have said, something is ruined. The future will
continue to unfold but for a long time it will seem slightly off, a
little less bright, somehow the wrong size. Maybe forever.
I remember the first time I saw Clutter. She was about the size of a
child's mitten and crying her loneliness and fear to anyone who would
listen. She looked so tiny in that big pet store window. I smiled as I
passed and watched her as she watched me walk by. She was so cute. But
I did not want a cat. Ten minutes later I was back, banging on the
window. The lady gladly unlocked the door when I explained I wanted
the kitten. "We don't usually sell cats but someone left her on the
doorstep this morning and she's too small to just shoo away. A dog
will eat her. " Five bucks later I had a new friend.
So Clutter.
I named her after the murdered family in Truman Capote's "In Cold
Blood." It's a great name and they weren't using it any more.
We went through a lot together. Miraculously we survived. She ate
some of the Comet paste I was bleaching the bathroom sink with and
went comatose for two days when she was about a month old. The vet
suggested euthanasia. I fed her water and milk through an eyedropper
instead, crying and promising her the moon if she'd just pull through.
A few years later I danced over the edge of sanity and she waited for
me to come back. I think she knew I'd be back. I still owed her the
Then Ramon. He saved both of us so many times. He saved Clutter from
blindness when a bad cat sliced her eye. He saved me from myself more
times than I deserved.
There is so much more but it's very hard to write about. My heartache
is affecting my hands. And my eyes.
When Ramon called last night and said there was something wrong with
Clutter and he was taking her to the vet's, I feared the worst, that
she was dying. I'd been thinking about her a lot lately and wondering
how she was faring with Sam (the afore-mentioned bad cat. He was a
stray when we first met him. He settled down after he moved in. Not
that Clutter could stand him. She hated that cat. She hated his
presence in her house.)
I'd also been thinking about "last meetings." There are some people
reading this who I will never see again. It's just the way things work
out. We say, "see you later," and then never do, ever again.
Funny, but I never thought of never seeing Clutter again. When Ramon
called from the vet and told me that Clutter had less than a 10%
chance of recovery, and I could hear her crying her loneliness and
fear through the phone, I suddenly knew we would never see, never
touch one another again. I wanted to jump in the car and race across
the river and find them and grab Clutter and hold her tight and feed
her milk and water through an eyedropper until she was strong again,
because I did it once, I could do it again, but I was ill myself and
all I could do was whisper her name into the phone while Ramon held it
to her ear. Ramon stayed with Clutter while the vet euthanised her.
I'm so glad she was with someone who loved her as much as I did.
So Clutter.
Somewhere I have a headline I cut out of a newspaper years ago. Ramon
and I used to keep it on the refrigerator. It says, "Clutter can be
Yeah. She was.

Keith Michards said...

Dear Rex
Have a quiet sleep.

Diederik said...

My condoleances. Always sad to loose a friend.
Very beautiful dog by the way.

Holly said...

E-mile -

Just wanted to send condolences, no words are sufficient to encompass all that you are feeling right now. Take care, friend.

Kevin said...

So sorry for you loss e-mile. Rex seems like he was a very loving dog. It's been awhile since I've stopped by here, but while perusing through my hard drive I was reminded of all of your fantastic wah-wah mixes. In fact, I'm listening to Vol.7 as I type this message. I haven't been posting as often on Eclectic Grooves but I still post something cool every now and then. It would be great if you dropped a line sometime.