Saturday, February 4, 2012

383: Loud & 'eavy, vol.1

Today's post is a bit about me, hitting puberty & discovering
music back in the days...a mere 30 years ago already [:-)
Age 15 I listened to stuff like Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Bad Co,
Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Santana, AC/DC, Ten Years After, Doors,
Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Ted Nugent, Rainbow, Jethro Tull, Supertramp,
Specials, Stray Cats etc. and, well, age 16 I taped my uncle's
record collection to cassettes in one sleepless holiday and added
Rolling Stones, Van Morrisson, Frank Zappa, Roxy Music
and many, many more albums to my daily digest.
A few years later I discovered Miles, Trane and the Blue Note
catalogue, from there on there was no holding me back.
I embraced the music of Sly & Family Stone, Aretha, JB, Curtis etc.
Meanwhile I managed to develop a crush to the music of Bob Marley,
Lee Perry, King Tubby, Dub Syndicate and other affiliated, heavy
smoke orientated laid back music. And a habit, I admit.
Soon after the grunge craze with Screaming Trees, Nirvana a.o.
new kinda retro-bands came to rise, like Fu Manchu, Kyuss, QOTSA
and the whole of the Man's Ruin catalogue. I kept a close ear!
Hence my youthful days, good stoner-doom-metal-kinda heavy
bands have ever since had a soft spot in my overall aural spectrum,
something I just can't seem to shake loose,
yes, I admit,
I need a good bangin' so every now & then!
So here it is, a tribute to good & loud music,
put on your blackest & most torn Melvins T-shirt,
your worst skinny light-blue jeans and don't forget
to strap on your spiked belt...
order a lot of beers by your favourite blonde barlady
and smoke of bit of weed backstage between sets...
You'll get there, hope you play the motherf*ckin house
DOWN with this 2 hour 45 minutes homage to my early
influences kinda tribute post kinda thing!
I once had the pleasure of seeing Masters Of Reality live,
the sheer happiness I experienced that evening, I tried to
capture in today's mix and yeah...

I'm glad to announce: it damn well roxxx...
1. Black Mountain - Stormy High (4:33)
2. Black Rainbows - Burn Your Nation (4:07)
3. Blood Of The Sun - Road King (8:01)
4. Brutus - Swamp City Blues (7:30)
5. Clutch - Day Of The Jackalope (3:34)
6. Demonic Death Judge - Kneel (7:27)
7. DeWolff - The Pistol (9:45)
8. Earthless - Godspeed (20:55)
9. Freedom Hawk - Bad Man (6:06)
10. Fu Manchu - Hell On Wheels (4:31)
11. Ice Dragon - The Watcher (6:26)
12. Karma To Burn - Forty-Four (5:11)
13. Kyuss - Fatso Forgetso pt.1&2 (10:43)
14. Lord 13 - Get You High (3:37)
15. Micah - Look Around You (3:41)
16. Radio Moscow - Little Eyes (4:45)
17. Rival Sons - Pressure And Time (3:19)
18. Siena Root - Reverberations (16:40)
19. Slo Burn - Pilot The Dune (3:28)
20. Sungrazer - If (7:44)
21. The Heavy Eyes - Pinwheels (3:11)
22. Them Crooked Vultures - Elephants (6:51)
23. Wo Fat - Descent Into The Maelstrom (8:25)
24. Yawning Man - Samba de Primavera (5:03)


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beltmaha said...

Dank hiervoor! Heb eerst Siena Root en Earthless beluisterd, had ik nog nooit van gehoord. Erg leuk!