Monday, November 7, 2011

377: Miniature Mingus-Music Memory Mix...

About a week ago I was informed of a film project
being put together by Kevin Ellington Mingus,
Charlie Mingus' grandson (who incidently is an improvising
bassist & composer in his own right)
and being a huge fan of mr. Mingus' music,
I decided to support it in any way I can.

Kevin Mingus describes his main motivation for making this film as:
"A grandson’s journey through the lore and legends of jazz history
to find his grandfather, Charles Mingus."...

Much more info you can find on his WEBSITE.

I also would like to point out that those involved in this project,
are seeking unpublished concert footage and or any other possibly
relevant archival materials .
So, if you are in possession of anything that is unpublished and
relevant, please consider making those archival materials available to the film makers.
You can contact the Project through Kevin Mingus's website.

In closure I'd like to declare and stress that I have absolutely no
financial interest or stake of any kind in the project.

In addition to the message and info on top of this,
I gathered a 2 hour 13 minute tribute to that somewhat
unpredictable, but genius bassplayer, composer and bandleader.
Hope you like these tunes, some of his most swinging tracks
are covered here, 8 times the immortal Boogie Stop Shuffle,
another (rather smooth!) version of Goodbye Pork Pie Hat and
ofcourse I hope you got hit in your soul a couple of times [:-)

For extended play on the Pork Pie, I suggest you visit
this old post over at E-mile Says HERE.
(contains also links to even way older
posts where the Pork Pie had an appearance)

1. Big Time Operator - Boogie Stop Shuffle (3:44)
2. Bill Holman - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (5:41)
3. Chris Potter - Boogie Stop Shuffle (live) (19:22)
4. Chris Potter - Boogie Stop Shuffle (3:22)
5. Crack Sabbath - Better Get It In Your Soul (7:56)
6. Crack Sabbath - Jelly Roll (2:51)
7. Emergency - Fables Of Faubus (14:01)
8. Géraldine Laurent - Fables Of Faubus (7:15)
9. Géraldine Laurent - Tijuana Gift Shop (5:03)
10. Jack Walrath - Better Get Hit In Yo' Soul (8:06)
11. John Williams - Better Git It In Your Soul (5:23)
12. Keith Tippett Septet - Dedicated To Mingus (11:47)
13. New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble - Boogie Stop Shuffle (4:16)
14. Paul Smoker - Fables Of Faubus (8:18)
15. Quincy Jones - Boogie Stop Shuffle (2:47)
16. Ryan Kisor - Boogie Stop Shuffle (6:15)
17. Soil & Pimp Sessions - Boogie Stop Shuffle (4:21)
18. Tonight At Noon - Fables Of Faubus (8:49)
19. Tonight At Noon - Jelly Roll (4:04)
in the comments I included a nice
extra Mingus-Music surprise!


E-mile said...

377 mingus tribute:


extra magificent Mingus music bonus surprise:

Unknown said...

This is a very good post, my friend.
I feel kind of ashamed I don't comment more to your hard work but be sure it gets noticed...
Hey, when I think of it, I might have an idea to publicize your great blog a little more.
Look for my e-mail !


amnesia said...

Thanks very much for these, am on a Goodbye Pork Pie Hat kick at the moment. Also intend on catching up with recent posts. Sorry for not leaving more thanks, in my defence Google account wouldn't let me sign in for a long time.
Keep the faith