Tuesday, March 29, 2011

348: Equinox . . .

Today a nice gift from our friend Corvimax!
He compiled 15 versions of John Coltrane's Equinox,
and included also the original.
With the change of the season, this might be a
nice way to celebrate the event...
(ok, a bit in hindsight, but that can't possibly
spoil the fun listening these tunes!)
1. John Coltrane - Equinox (8:34)
2. David Murray - Equinox (6:17)
3. Houston Person & Teddy Edwards - Equinox (7:57)
4. Kenny Garrett - Equinox (7:39)
5. Kiyoshi Kitagawa - Equinox (7:14)
6. Pharoah Sanders - Equinox (9:24)
7. Khan Jamal/Johnny Dyani/Leroy Lowe - Equinox (6:22)
8. James Carter - Equinox (8:42)
9. Sara Webster-Fabio - Equinox (7:40)
10. Curtis Fuller - Equinox (5:38)
11. Dvid Liebman - Equinox (6:47)
12. Stephan Micus - Equinox (9:54)
13. Equal Time - Equinox (10:27)
14. John Zorn - Equinox (4:07)
15. Arthur Blythe - Equinox (9:10)
16. Khan Jamal & Dylan Taylor. Equinox (7:21)
some edutainment...


E-mile said...

all seasonal blessings go to Corvimax!

ugetsu said...

Hi there!
I don't suppose I could be added to your blogroll if so Ta very much!

ugetsu said...

Hi there,
oop's got it, my mistake, I'm still finding my way through the whole blogging scene anyhow exchange done!
have been following you guys for sometime which gave me the kick to start something myself!as regards a tracklisting I pretty much do these things on the fly so can't always be arsed to remember the details( i'e I may have had a few scoops on the way!)thanks for feedback!

Bonobo said...

VERY nice one! Thank you :-)

This day, together with the winter solstice (the one when the Sol is coming back to the North) are my favourite heathen “holiday”.

Crawfish said...

Well then, Corvimax, a very big thank you you for this lovely compilation! This is exactly the sort of thing that I love.