Sunday, October 17, 2010

103, back from the Bermuda Triangle!

As my faithfull friend, reader, listerner & reactionist
Crawfish mentioned, post 103 had gone off the grid alltogether...
so here's a repost, hope you - if you missed it - will enjoy it!
Never thought that an Arctic Monkey's song could be THIS funky!
The whole Baby Charles album is funky as hell btw!
Think Alice Russell kinda quality...
Ofcourse the Mingus song by Jeff Beck is standing strong,
the song originally was a tribute to the late Lester Young.
The surf classic gets the "plenty of horns" NCC live workout,
always nice, at once I'm back in Pulp Fiction...
And yes, even a Gibbs brothers song can be done the right way,
as this version by these guys from Spo Dee O Dee prooves.
Lou Reed's most famous song gets a very jazzy,
mellow & laidback treatment from a great sounding lady and band.
Finally a guy doing one of the songs Bobby Gentry was famous for.
1. Baby Charles - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (4:28)
2. Bluesiana Hot Sauce - I Walk On Gilded Splinters (5:33)
3. Chequers - Get Up, Stand Up (6:55)
4. Gene Ammons - Son Of A Preacher Man (4:27)
5. Jeff Beck - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (5:30)
6. Les DeMerle - Aquarius (3:11)
7. New Cool Collective - Misirlou (3:08)
8. Spo Dee O Dee - Jive Talkin' (3:56)
9. Tok Tok Tok - Walk On The Wild Side (4:39)
10. ZZ Hill - Touch 'Em With Love (1:48)


E-mile said...

dust off yer boots & enjoy:

jazzlover said...

Hey E-mile, this sounds great as I like covers.
Thanks for putting it up again.

Anonymous said...

why the heck didn't you CLEARLY shout on your site that you have a Misirlou Version that I don't have!! I blame you! This is essential for me, whatever quality. If you need a GREEK original (check wiki), I'll e-mail it to you