Wednesday, March 24, 2010

298: another (& rather jazzy) wah wah, vol.26

It's been a while back, I realize that...
Hope the wait is worth your while,
be ready for part 26 of the wah-wah chronicles!
All rather in a (funky!)jazzy mood,
some real treasures here to be enjoyed!
Cherry on the pie is maybe track 12,
a jam much into "mid-seventies Miles-Mode"...
Hope to find more time soon to post more regurarly
to continue this (time-consuming) hobby o'mine.
For now, don't miss this EXCELLENT mix [:-)
1. Augusto Martelli - Krypto Blues (6:14)
2. Billy Butler - Blow For The Crossing (9:31)
3. Blue Mitchell - Steal The Feel (4:19)
4. David "Fathead" Newman - Lonely Avenue (7:13)
5. Eero Koivistoinen - Suite 19 (10:50)
6. Horace Silver - The Merger Of The Minds (4:47)
7. Janne Schaffer - Jordbruksmaskinen (8:20)
8. Jery Hahn - Prime Time (3:34)
9. Johnny Frigo Quartet - Black Sound (6:57)
10. Johnny Frigo Quartet - White Sound (5:44)
11. Larry Coryell - Gypsy Queen (11:51)
12. Q-Continuum - We Love Pets/Woof-Woof (11:17)
13. Sex Mob - Dime Grind Palace (4:39)
14. Svenska Löd Ab! - Den Dan Vi Sket I Hugo (6:31)
(interesting dilemma mr. Frigo puts in those 2 tunes, right?)


jazzlover said...

Looks like another cool compilation to me. Thanks E-mile.



Very Lysergic. Many Thanks

Simon666 said...

Nice one e-mile, made me drag out the Martelli album afterwards.
btw I bought a wah wah pedal last month~ !

cheeba said...

Thanks E-mile, you know what I like!!

Some new stuff here for me - Martelli, Hahn, Svenska and that Q-Continuum track (especially after it kicks into the "Miles mode" around 6min). All in all another excellent cry baby compilation!

@Simon, love the Rhodes through a must be having fun with it!

Simon666 said...

Started using it on the rhodes, but it's shifted me back to guitar, an instrument I kinda put aside about 25 years ago after playing since childhood. There's nothing more satisfying than that "Wahh-WHUP!"

E-mile said...

yup guys, I'm thinking I connect one to my MP3 player, so I can use it on my bike [:-) pedal to the ...

E-mile said...

people seem to like the wah-laden comps...over a 100 downloads and you can count the comments on 1 the fingers of 1 lousy hand...a little thank you goes a long way folks!
peace, E-mile

jazzobsessive said...

This is fantastic.

Thanks for putting it together e-mile.

footrack said...

I'm late. The lin seems dead.
Would you mina re-up?

E-mile said...

Foo, these re-ups are driving me nuts (nothing personal!, mind you)
blogland has shifted a bit, so here it is (once again, 3rd re-up)
this time on MF:
be well my friend, looking forward to do some inter-blog-o-spherical mojo sometime soon!
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

OK, seems the above link has a hick-up, here's a brand new one: