Thursday, January 21, 2010

290: Do The Dog, volume 8

Today we can walk the dog for an hour (and 5 minutes).
Luckily (or not?) by now the snow is gone over here!
Another tribute to our own Canis Lupus Familiaris,
but that's a bit complicated, so we call him Rex,
our (a bit headstrong sometimes) bordercollie.
He'll be 10 sometime this year...
Bark at the mailman, chew a bone, fetch a ball, give up your paws,
let's have it for part 8 of all dogs and their touching flaws...
1. Albert King & Steve Cropper & Pops Staples - Trashy Dog (3:02)
2. Bernie Worrell - Beware Of Dog (2:37)
3. Black Frames - Lucky Dog (3:30)
4. Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band - Dog Days (5:24)
5. Delta Moon - Lap Dog (3:04)
6. Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Dead Dog In The Street (4:29)
7. Eggnoise - Dogwalking (5:24)
8. El Fish - Copy Dog (5:13)
9. Inez Foxx - Watch The Dog (3:06)
10. Marion Brown - Spotted Dog (5:57)
11. Mongo Santamaria - Hot Dog (3:49)
12. New Mastersounds - Hot Dog (5:34)
13. Roches - Damned Old Dog (4:07)
14. Rufus Thomas - The Dog (2:37)
15. Sonny Sharrock - Dick Dogs (5:13)
16. Terrance Simien - Dog Hill (2:30)


Bonobo said...

First thing I thought of was this Zappa song with "[..] poodle bites, poodle chews it [..] here Fido [..] arf arf [..]" somthing like that, can't remember the album name.

Thanks again, E-Mile, nice collection. BTW I for one prefer single songs, putting together my own mixes on-the-fly in iTunes.

Cordial greetings from east of you, Tom

Anonymous said...

Merci for gathering these tunes on this theme.
Would you be interested in tunes in french about "dogs" (chien)?

E-mile said...

Tom, it's Dirty Love you're talking of...look here:
and a review of this 1973 classic here:

Anonymous, oui merci, peut etre un "guest-post" de toi c'est une idée? contacte-moi, FFFF [:-)

E-mile said...