Thursday, November 27, 2008

201: another twice as nice...

Today again 10 songs done twice,
with some VERY fat wah-wah,
(especially in Do Your Thing!)
two cheesy versions of one-helluva-cheesy song,
(in particular: Killing Me Softly [:-)
some strange appearences here also,
(Liza Minelli...)
and some more of my favorite tunes hanging loose...
hope you'll enjoy these ones - again - I
must thank all the original bloggers, without whom this
corny cover-continuum couldn't continue co-existing.
peace to y'all!
1. Barney Wilen - Respect (5:41)
2. Chosen Few - Do Your Thing (3:20)
3. Gentle Rain (Hawkshaw, Bennet, Ingham) - Use Me (3:25)
4. Invaders - It's Your Thing (8:11)
5. James Last - Killing Me Softly (4:08)
6. Jimmy Dawkins - Ode To Billy Joe (live) (7:49)
7. Jimmy Smith - Respect (2:12)
8. Julius Brockington - Do Your Thing (8:51)
9. Kashmere Stage Band - Ain't No Sunshine (O.G. Version) (4:42)
10. Latimore - For What It's Worth (4:36)
11. Liza Minelli - Use Me (3:32)
12. Oscar Peterson - Ode To Billy Joe (2:38)
13. Patricia Barber - Black Magic Woman (10:32)
14. Pharaohs - People Make The World Go 'Round (11:18)
15. Profile - People Make The World Go 'Round (6:17)
16. Rolf Kühn - Black Magic Woman (3:11)
17. Undisputed Truth - Killing Me Softly With His Song (4:47)
18. Voices Of East Harlem - For What It's Worth (3:32)
19. Webster Lewis - It's Your Thing (8:32)
20. Willis Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine (2:14)
this covers-compilation can be conjured 'up
with & in them comments..


Yann said...

Cant thanks you enought for all those covers. I'm too a covers junky. I collect a few songs in particular and I would to ask for your help to find covers of "Pledging My Love", "And I Love Her" and "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon". I got quite a few of them and could help you creat a post.

Thanks again and good continuation with your blog.


Arkiver said...

Wow, great stuff here E-mile. You obviously put a lot of thought an effort into these mixes, this should be fun! Thanks!

E-mile said...

yann, I'm always open for suggestions and other input, so maybe you'll cook up a cover-comp and make a guest-post over here?
let me know if you want that!

arkiver:hope you like some of what's here, is a link to your blog-baby OK?
let me know :-)

peace, E-mile

FASTMAN said...

Thank You very very much

for Your fantastic Work E-mile


MIGUEL said...

You the man! Thanks

E-mile said...