Tuesday, July 8, 2008

155: Jazz Op 't Dak 2006

Hi!Today I have something REALLY special I want
to share with you all!
An All-Star formation consisting of:
JOSEPH BOWIE - Vocals, Trombone
JAMES BLOOD ULMER - Vocals, Guitar
Yes, today 2 years ago this bunch of wonderfull musicians
were going to give a show on a rooftop, midsummer,
so we bought tickets and headed up north
for this truly once-inna-lifetime-occasion!
The 'band" showed up late, but it was worth the waiting.
The 'PUNK FUNK ALL STARS' as they called themselves
for this tour, blowed everybody's mind & soul that night,
it was totally awesome...
Following is from the Dutch station that also broadcasted
the music that was played that evening,
I'll translate as I go along:
"Funky-Punky-Rock-Blues-Jazzy-Brainy and very danceable!
What else is there to wish for on the
closing night of Jazz On The Roof 2006!
The phrase All Stars isn't exaggerated:
only big names from the American jazz/blues & funk history
from past couple of decades join their forces now.
They're friends and/or colleague for many years,
but they've never played together in this combination-
this is the first night of their first tour in Europe!
Every member contributes songs that are representative
for their style in the Punk Funk-era.
Think Vernon Reid's Living Colour, Joe Bowie's Defunkt,
James Blood Ulmer's invocation with rock/blues/jazz,
the "Who's Who" projects of Melvin Gibbs
and ofcourse the fierce music of
Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society."
Needless to say we had a HELLUVA night,
and now you can catch some of the magic here on
E-mile says some concerts do the matter!
A Very Special Thanks To Sander van Geuns,
who stayed at home and taped the whole thing!
Enjoy these 90 minutes of punk-funk-jams,
due to the lenght I had to split in 2 parts.


heiku said...

Hey, e-mile, many thanks for sharing this excellent live set! So great to hear the spirit and lineage of Ornette's Prime Time still strong in this decade. It looks like it was a terrific venue as well. Colour me envious!

(I'd also posted my much belated thanks for your Finch uploads on Eternal Rhythm, in case you missed 'em.)


Arkadin said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on Sounds from the edge, e-mile! I'm just listening. Sounds fantastic, especially the version of "Make them dance" is a hell of a tune, Jesus! :-)

Art Simon said...

Wow, you're right emile, I'm loving it. Thanks!

Matthews said...

Just ran into your website, really enjoying. Thank you. Any chance of reposting this Punk Funk All Stars set? I've wanted to hear a recording for a long time!

Thank you! -M

E-mile said...