Wednesday, July 30, 2008

166: summertime addi(c)tions

Hi.E-mile & Co. made it back from the vacation
& is back for business!
We had a great time, although the weather wasn't
particularly good.
The Czech Republic is a great country, Prague is a beautiful city,
the countryside (we stayed up north, the Bohemian Paradise) is
rocky, tough and amazing!
Friendly people, cheap & tasty beer,
good food ( the famous garlic soup!!!) in short: a well spent 2 weeks!

Today I pack some additions, sent by some faithfull & kind readers
(like Simon666 & Bucephallus) and a few I had up my sleeve all along.

After this I promise to stay away from this song for quite a bit!

1. Brother Jack McDuff - Summertime (8:12)
2. Fifth Flight - Summertime (4:21)
3. Gil Evans - Summertime (4:03)
4. Gold - Summertime (4:45)
5. Meireilles & Os Copa 7 - Summertime (2:00)
6. Shelly Manne - Summertime (12:00)
7. Walter Bishop Jr. - Summertime (6:27)

summertime addi(c)tions

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Unknown said...

"I promise to stay away from this song for quite a bit!"
just a bit :

sorry for the bag.