Thursday, February 5, 2015

423: Soul, part 4

Today (finally) a new post.
A 4 hour 19 minutes search for soul.
It's a wee bit on the jazzy side of that quest,
filled with horns, hammond and of course humungous 
amounts of heavy SOUL!

When I do a next Soul-themed post it will be
on the funky side of town, but, like I said,
this 40 tracks cover more jazzy & r&b grounds...

I am glad to find out that I still liked the 
"job" of selecting a bunch of tracks that (together)
could be considered a very soulful trip,
a search for soul, indeed...

My blogging espirit has/had faded a lot past couple
of, well, years, I guess, time to try to pick up
the pieces, hope you guys & dolls enjoy the mix.

1.Akira Ishikawa Count Buffalo Jazz And Rock Band - Blue Soul (5:08)
2.Andy Haas - New Maladies Of The Soul (3:29)
3.Avishai Cohen - Old Soul (5:44)
4.Billy Preston - Soul Derby (9:08)
5.Brandee Younger 4tet - Soul Vibrations (4:32)
6.Brinsk - Soul Devoured (6:47)
7.Buddy Terry - Natural Soul (5:42)
8.Christy Doran's New Bag - Happy Black Soul (9:45)
9.Dan Baraszu - Soul Bossa Nova (3:52)
10.Darryl Harper - Walking With Old Souls (5:09)
11.Dee Dee Bridgewater - Soulville (4:17)
12.Deli-Kutt & Renegades Of Jazz - Soul Season (3:57)
13.Digital Primitives - Soul Searchin' (8:25)
14.Donald Alexander Strachan & The Freedom Ensemble - Soul Release (2:55)
15.Duke Of Burlington - Soul Clap 69 (2:40)
16.Ernest Dawkins - Flowers For The Soul (12:20)
17.Frank Lowe Sextet - Close To The Soul (14:01)
18.Idris Muhammad - Soulful Drums (4:42)
19.Inner Thumb - Soul Submarine (3:41)
20.Jackie McLean - Soul (10:18)
21.James Carter - Soul Street (8:16)
22.Johnny Lytle - The Soulful Rebel (4:29)
23.Joshua Redman - Molten Soul (8:10)
24.Keith Jarrett - Mortgages on My Soul (Wah Wah) (5:37)
25.Klaus Lenz Modern Soul Big Band - Soul Five (14:39)
26.Larry Young - Majestic Soul (12:02)
27.Lewsh Project - Music In My Soul (6:01)
28.Martha Hayes - Gypsy In My Soul (3:18)
29.Mehrpouya - Soul Raga (4:02)
30.Microscopic Septet - A Snapshot Of The Soul (4:13)
31.Orchester Frank Pleyer - She's Gotta Have Soul (3:18)
32.Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band - In My Soul (7:16)
33.Owen Marshall - Casa Del Soul (3:39)
34.Raphael Wressnig & Alex Schult - Soul Dressing (4:24)
35.Rongetz Foundation ft. Gregory Porter - Gogo Soul (4:24)
36.Ross Hammond Quartet - Water Always Finds Its Way, Like The Soul (9:07)
37.Sam Paglia - Soul 69 Theme (4:00)
38.Sfeq - Soul Mates (7:17)
39.The Afro-Semitic Experience - Soul Station (7:55)
40.Tyrone Hill & Elliott Levin Quartet - Soul-Etude (10:13)

I must not forget all the fellow bloggers
out there who still keep the fire burning,
I'd like to thank you all,
without you this little blog would not exist
you know who you are [:-)