Saturday, July 26, 2008

165: Summertime part 11

today just the last bonus-beats,
and if you guys & dolls out there
find some versions you didn't see here
for the last couple of weeks, don't hesitate,
and feel free to send 'em to me...
Peace, E-mile.
1. Vanessa Mae - Summertime (1:52)
2. Wes Montgomery - Summertime (4:53)
3. Wynton Kelly - Summertime (3:08)
4. Wynton Marsalis - Summertime (5:03)
5. Zombies - Summertime (2:14)


Simon666 said...

hi e-mile!
Well i'm late ....
but these are good :

Summertime – Meireilles & Os Copa 7

Summertime - Gil Evans

Summertime – Walter Bishop

Summertime – Chick Corea / Gay Burton (live)

Simon666 said...

That's "Gary" Burton, not "Gay" (but who knows really ....)

The Herbie Hancock one you've got already : is that the recent one with Joni Mitchell on vocals?

E-mile said...

hi Simon, we just got back, thanks for the additions! I think yes for the Joni M :-) (but I'm not sure)
Gotta do a lot of catching up to do
you'll hear from me soon.
peace, E-mile

Bucephallus said...

dang! I thought i sent you a bunch of summertimes and such while I locate the things I thought I sent here is an old link of mine which does have The Shelley Manne version:

01 Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man 6:30
02 Illinois Jacquet - Take The A Train 10:20
03 Lionel Hampton - Someday My Prince Will Come 9:19
04 Terry Gibbs - Flying Home 9:32
05 Shelly Manne - Summertime 12:01
06 Lester Young - Our Love Is Here To Stay 6:30
07 Bechet, Sidney - On The Sunny Side Of The Street 7:48
08 Miles Davis - 1964.02.12 - My Funny Valentine 15:11

hope you had fun on vacation!

Hookfinger said...

Ha! You saved that Zombies for last and i wondered when it would show up...and then I realized something about alphabetical order. look forward to your return.

MIGUEL said...

Your hard work is much appreciated mate

Bucephallus said...

CURIOUSLY the summertime link I have sent you has not it is again:

E-mile said...

bucephallus, sorry, but it slipped through, after 2 weeks awol, re-adjusting myself to the blog-o-sphere is well, kinda phfew...
+ last couple of days it's HOT as hell also - that doesn't help either...thanks for your additions!
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

Hi E-mile!

As you know, only came across your site in the last few days. Grabbed your most recent this AM but saw your Herculean effort with Summertime and thought I'd send what I had on my drive your way:

Art Pepper - Summertime
Booker T & The MG'S - Summertime
Caecilie Norby - Summertime
Charles Mingus - Summertime
Dizzy Gillespie - Summertime
Don Ralke - Summertime
Fire & Ice Ltd - Summertime
Freddie Hubbard - Summertime
Free Design - Summertime
George 'Harmonica' Smith - Summertime
George Shearing - Summertime
Jame Last - Summertime
Joe Sullivan - Summertime
Klaus Wunderlich - Summertime
Martha High - Summertime [duet w_James Brown]
MFSB - Summertime
Montreal - Summertime
One G Plus Three - Summertime
Ray Barretto - Summertime (Guajira)
Rosinha De Valencia - Summertime
The Marcels - Summertime
Willie Nelson & Leon Russell - Summertime


Simon666 said...

Rock on Part 12 ! :)

only 2 weeks of winter to go here ...