Saturday, June 21, 2008

147: Summertime!

Today SUMMER 2008 officially has started!
No better way to celebrate that with
a first all-10-Summertime versions post.
(actually 11, 'cause I threw in an ultra short
version by Roland Kirk as a bonus:-)
I already mentioned (way back) that I really love
the song and collect as many versions as possible.
Sometimes they're rather dull & sometimes they're just brilliant.
Today I have 11 very different versions,
all on the more brilliant side:
a brassy work out,
a nice soulful contribution from Vincent The Soul Chef,
a GREAT fluted version,
a guitar version,
a baritone-sax version,
a version done over Whipping Post,
(hearing = believing!)
a kinda "Rufusized" version,
a reggae version,
2 loungy versions
and ofcourse that Kirk, doing it so small & heartfelt...
Enjoy these first sounds of all Summertime to come.
1. Brass Fever - Summertime (6:35)
2. Clea Bradford - Summertime (3:04)
3. Dave 'Fathead' Newman - Summertime (6:40)
4. Gabor Szabo - Summertime (2:28)
5. Gil Mellé - Summertime (4:03)
6. Jacqui Naylor - Summertime (3:26)
7. Joe Henderson ft. Chaka Khan - Summertime (7:16)
8. Lloyd Clarke - Summertime (3:08)
9. Morcheeba - Summertime (4:41)
10. Paris Combo - Summertime (4:21)
11. Roland Kirk - Summertime (1:40)
Summertime first 10 (RS)
Summertime first 10 (ifile)


Vincent the Soul Chef said...

I've been looking forward to this one for a while. Let's see what you've got on tap.

I'm definitely going to tackle the cover versions you sent when I go on vacation next week. I really hope you'll like what I have in store.

Peace and blessings.

soulbrotha said...

E-mile, thank you so much for this. I love listening to various covers of this song! Such a great piece of song writing. I sure hope you do a part 2.

Anonymous said...

E-mile, thank you for compiling & sharing this all. Now I just need the time to listen to them all!